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  1. Since my Mom is having a delicated health, needing Blood Donators... 

    i'll be away for a while from MFFA as well other M.U.G.E.N Communities in order to keep my parents alive, needing to keep up my family and to take care specially of my mom.

    i know i had a lot of issues outside of this place but i now need to focus on my family and university until everything is ok.

    1. Ryou


      Hope everything gets sorted out for you soon.

    2. Cook4251


      Sending prayers to her.

  2. I Suggest u to listen to the critics instead of being a Brick Wall against people that Helps u.
  3. Welcome to MFFA, hope you have a good riddeance!
  4. Splode's Axel Stone Link redirects to random sites
  5. Welcome to MFFA, have a good riddeance to the Mugen Community!
  6. Stage(s) Added i'll try somehow to get Mugen Archive Exclusive characters to re-upload those in Mediafire since there's few interesing FPS/TPS shooter characters
  7. Back when how MA Discord permamently Muted me for no Reason however they removed it. I've never been Banned but yes everything as i see it sucks how People gets banned for no reason or when Admins go Full Sensitive over anything else that you haven't done for it, I've met with Private Uber-Cheap creators in a discord as well my Discord (MetalGuy's Community) i've seen people arguing about it and it's annoying how RARE times people gets banned for no reason or by Dumb Reasons. It saddens how Their website is still likely back in 2000s with a outdated engine.
  8. Losing Important people is like a Shoot in your head or in your Heart... it saddened me that i lose important friends that marked my childhood or during school.

    It hurts me that they don't want to talk me anymore because any reason even that i've marked a good and safe friendship.

    I'll be away for a while to calm down.

  9. How's The Day Guys?

    1. GTAguy


      Bored... But not the worst.

  10. Hello, i want to know if there's more Characters who spams projectiles Besides Few Touhou Chars, Marvin, Zeeky, Godzilla_EX and any other Projectile Spammer. Let Me Know
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