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    Mugen, music, Nijikaku,drawing, the Mario, Kirby Kingdom Hearts, Spyro(Classic) Banjo-Kazooie series, many cartoons & anime. OC's, new stages. Unique and original chars.
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    Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Party 5, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & more

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  1. Ayo can I ask you about a character since you still have the muvluv uploader files

    Do you happen to have this old vehicle by AMASO (same guy who made that weird makamaka) called Kanzensha, which is apparently an Akatsuki Blitzkamp character riding a segway

    I can't find any info about it other than the niconicomugen article on vehicles

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    2. ESSOL


      Thank you

      Also do you also have the older version of Papa Izumi (file name is just papa) because the only version you can find on the internet is the newer one

      Mostly want it for the readme since the version I got 2 years ago was lacking an readme (the guy who gave me it apparently deleted the readmes of some characters since the version of TUGUNAIZEI's poison you can find at MA also lacks an readme and it has a number at the end of the folder name)

    3. SSBKing65✯


      Here, I put the 2 other versions of Papa I found in the same folder so anyone can keep em if they want: 


    4. ESSOL


      Yeah exactly as I expected both versions have an readme

      It's really nice to get an thought process on a specific character, though the main reason why I wanted the readme was because I had no idea who the thick eyebrows guy on one of his intros was

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