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  1. I'd never expect anything less from the best Ultraman MUGEN creators out there! Update: - Added Gamakujira by kirbey - Updated the link to Ultraman Z by BlackCat & Woz (added the Winmugen / MUGEN 1.0 version as well)
  2. Well, since her sprites come from the Punisher arcade game as opposed to custom / MvC-based, a new "Original" subsection under "The Punisher (1993)" would be a more suitable place for her. Update: - 3 Punisher arcade game characters by ELECTR0: Pretty Boy Scully Mizuki (Original)
  3. Yeah, I just realized it now after downloading and comparing both of them. Re-added. 😉 P.S. I struggle with English all the time too, so I can very much relate! xD
  4. Wait.........I thought that was the same one as the one with .GIF preview image that alternates between Angel and Archangel, no?
  5. A much needed correction, thanks! 🙏
  6. Oh well. That's what I get for not being well-versed in vidya games in general. My two cents on the "Other Craps" section: seeing as how "bad / crap" is purely subjective, I feel doing it would be more trouble than it was worth (for the more critical members of the community, more than half of the characters hosted here might as well fall into "crap" category). The only reason the Comics collection has one in addition to the obligatory Cesar's "Hall of Shame" is because many of the IPs featured there—Peanuts, for example—are popular with younger MUGEN creators, which results in occasional badly drawn characters that just straight up look unsightly when you put them next to other characters with good / decent / passable sprites (Yes, I have some kind of OCD if you can't tell already, and said OCD dictates that Spider-Hulk is nowhere as atrocious as that MS Paint Charlie Brown.........I mean, good lord, look at it)
  7. First off.......I apologize for the late response. Secondly, I've been trying to hunt down that particular version of U.S. Agent for the past few days, to sadly no avail. My bad. On the other hand, another U.S. Agent, made by Cleetus Carnage, has been added to the collection (yes, I know it's the Cap America palette swap one from MSHvsSF, but he's not exactly source-accurate due to some custom stuff that the author added in, which makes him more than qualified to have a place here).
  8. I feel with the addition of Gaelik's original Chuck Norris, the multitude of edits it has spawned over the years should probably be given a spot here as well. I'm not tracking every single one of 'em down, so if anyone thinks they're up to the task, feel free to do so.
  9. The actual select.def is the one inside "ex-mugen" folder.
  10. Updated Astolfo's link.
  11. Update: - Gudon by Deepredjake713 - Darklops Zero by Woz Hmm.......I wonder if Kirbey would take it upon his hand and create a proper Gudon of his own....
  12. That ban's been lifted. Everyone's free to post whatever game-breaking edits they have at their disposal now.
  13. I can no longer edit the first post (obviously) but here you go: https://mega.nz/file/I1hATSSa#2T5zqME-GITm2rh9vvqxghH-vFtqH9oQbcXwdZsAUpA
  14. That laugh + wink combo pierces right through my heart.



  15. That Pitt turns out to be an update of the original(?) by a different person (I distinctly remember Vive Capcom's Pitt being on the hefty side in the terms of file size due to its rather.......unorganized .snd), but regardless it's a version I was never aware of before and a welcome one at that. 😉 Update: Characters: - Edit of Smeagol14's Asterix by Hannah Montana - Update of Klener's (might or might not be the same person credited as "Unsigned") Pitt by Tenebrous - Spike by Rick - The Phantom by Jhonny-DC - 3 characters by Our Lord and Savior Cesarsombra Flash Gordon Mandrake The Wizard Zorro Misc: - Fixed the links to: Hellboy (Marvel Project) by King_Black Spawn by Arlequin & Team CVG Extreme Spawn by idpp EDIT: I just learned that Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander were never in the original G.I. Joe strips and instead first debuted in the revived series by Marvel Comics, which in turn was based on a toyline by Hasbro.....I therefore changed their preview background to blue to reflect that fact.
  16. Update: - Ima Shape by DRNZX (Avengers In Galactic Storm edit) - Spider-Man: TNAS Spider-Man by Lugi1276 (3D)
  17. All good points. I added Snake Eyes and Conan (along with Cobra Commander and......Tarzan because hey, why not) but I require assistance in locating Cesar's stuff because AFAIK, the guy only ever uploads them to that website.
  18. Yeah, I might as well do that.
  19. Golden Bat may have helped kickstart the Superhero genre, but he himself has never appeared in any comic books outside of manga (which is not a subject to be covered in the collection). The Shadow is now up in the first post, though.
  20. Update: - Bluto by Mario11766 - Dilbert by Christian Nunez - Spawn by ThEOnE
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