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  1. I don't usually post on here (MFG is were I mostly hang out) but I feel that I need to post some feedback on this character. Standing X, Y, A, B, and C have no priority (The blue CLSN covers all of the red CLSN which causes trades more often) Standing Z, has infinite priority (No blue frame to go with the red frame) Standing B, and Z are infinites (if the first kick hits that is) Standing C allows the opponent to air recover The crouching attack priority's have the same issues as the standing attack priority's (also same the air attack priority's) I don't get why crouching B is blockable mid but crouching C is not Air Y and Z aren't overheads Air C allows the opponent to air recover after the first hit QCF, any punch is unblockable QCF, any kick you can just keep on spamming it (in which it just layers on top of itself) to the point were you can 100% your opponent QCB, any punch is infiniteable if timed right QCF, x+y is unblockable and does no damage QCF, a+b is only blockable in air? QCF, x+a, b+y, and c+z doesn't exactly announce it's a grab (maybe put the opponent in stunned stance) and it's gains power back QCB, a+b gets back power (and then takes it away?) QCB, x+y gains back power Why is every super a level 3 super and do most of the supers not have super pause Why does he have a super jump if he has no launcher The kick normal grab causes the opponent to glitch out Why does this character have two standing anims? (on a little better than the other) Why doesn't this character have a power charge (for being a DBZ character that is) Any attack in his flight mode gains back power at an abnormal rate Why is Z in his flight mode only blockable in air B and C aren't overheads in his flight mode The projectile that his C attack causes doesn't delete completely (do CRTL+C and look at how many helpers are still left on screen) His CLSNs need work His turn around anim has red frames for what reason
  2. Well for the taunt super why don't you assign the move to D,DF,F,D,DF,F,a+b (Because any move that is set to the taunt feels like it was set a debug command not as normal one) and also for characters that have less than six buttons, if you press a button that the other character doesn't have it gives a change state error in the debug text. And also one more problem I noticed, RD's light crouching kick has no hitdef (So the move does nothing)
  3. I don't usually post here but there are some glaring problems that wern't mentioned before (I usually post on MFG) Transparency issues in almost all of the cut scenes Too add to MugoUrth's post. You can do anything before the round starts even launch supers The King of Fighters effects clash with the rest of the character You can chain the KoF roll into it's self to make Rainbow dash invincible A lot of lag with the effects sometimes The Elemental power turns into a invalid action after it's used once The JoJo's like stand within the D,D,D,s (And why would you set the super to the taunt button) super is horridly coded and the stand can't punch while moving Why does the power charge have a full screen red hit box Speaking about the power charge, One of the effects stays in place if you move RD with p2 Taunt has no CLSNs whatsoever There is some coding that seems to be ripped from DG's Blossom IMO RD should use less effects because it looks like those bad KoF edits Why does this thing have a double jump and a super jump and the super jump is too tight to pull off
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