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  1. I remembered my password. 

  2. Yeah he did.. hilarity would ensue afterwards. Thanks for the unban.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1jp0Dxa9tQ
  4. It's unknown, he pops up once a year or so..claims he wants to get back in Mugen, but disappears for another year, his false hope proved M.I's undoing, along with him making inactive and Retarded members into mods that only last 30 days before either making a mess, or going AWOL.. The forum is down, and I hope it stays down, Aztec should just give M.I the old yeller...he doesn't give a shit about the site and is just filled with spam bots.
  5. I replace it, Defraggler is more efficient than the default, may take a awhile, but the results are great.
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