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  1. It should probably be noted that most of those characters are definite reskins of other characters... though it's really a wonder to behold. Especially the secret reference character I won't even mention because it feels like just dropping a spoiler, I practically laughed my ass off. And speaking of reskins... I made a very minor update to the current RCG Kunio and Riki available. I added a version with Holn's A.I patch which ramps his difficulty up to ten (and won't even let you use it, so there's also still the standard version if you don't wanna tweak it), and a couple of portrait
  2. Is there an A.I. patch for Ahuron's Kunio-SP anywhere? Or is there anyone making talks about making one? I'd imagine it'd all be on the Japanese mugen forums, but I'm not really good at searching around for those.
  3. so, i'll be frank and already admit that i'm primarily going to be lurking since i'm a busy guy. however, my biggest interests are finally getting to learn fighting games in general (project x zone 2 and felicia lured me in... don't judge me), alongside how to build basic things in mugen 1.1 (and maybe try my hand at porting things to that version later). like, my two big long-term goals are: -build a basic but decent to look at stage that has all the things 1.1 has to offer, but with far less computing power required. -give some characters I like some actual A.I, first just to
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