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  1. Hi guys In this thread I will be posting about my recent Leona Heidern XIV project, which is still very basic and needs sprites. Currently Leona has almost all the Moveset of its XIV version except for the Earring Bomb. She can also transform into its Orochi version from the consumption of 3000 Power, so as you will notice it has palettes of its Normal version and Orochi Version I will continue sharing the advances in this thread It should be noted that I use the NAO & M base for the creation of this character
  2. [KOF MUGENGERS 4/Links] Gasai Yuno vs Kyo Kusanagi Battle Type = 100% Real Play with Kyo Kusanagi Team Mode = Single
  3. [KOF MUGENGERS 4/Links] Epic Monster Battle! Kim Kaphwan & Jhun Hoon vs Zodd The Inmortal Battle Type = 100% Real Play with Kim Kaphwan Team Mode = Simul vs Single
  4. [KOF MUGENGERS 4] Gasai Yuno vs Athena Asamiya Battle Type = AI Match Team Mode = Single
  5. [KOF MUGENGERS 4] Anime Yandere Girls vs Cool Boys Team Battle Type = AI Match Team Mode = Turns (3)
  6. [KOF MUGENGERS 4/Links] Terry Bogard vs Andy Bogard Battle Type = 100% Real Play with Terry Bogard Teammode = Single
  7. [KOF MUGENGERS 4/Links] Diana Neko & Orochi Diana vs Yukino & Puppet Yukino Battle Type = AI Match Teammode = Simul Teams = Diana Neko. Yukino VS Orochi Diana. Puppet Yukino
  8. [KOF MUGENGERS] Gasai Yuno vs Iori Yagami AI Match Subscribe for more Battles!
  9. GASAI YUNO KOF MUGEN CHARACTER RELEASE BY STRONG FS & BLACKJUDAI Hello to the entire MUGEN community! Merry Christmas to all! Here I bring you a gift from me and Mr. BlackJudai. Gasai Yuno is ready to kick butts in The King of Fighters Memorial ^^ Many have already asked me this character and here I bring them with much affection as a Christmas gift, I hope you like it a lot and have a nice holiday. Well, now we are going to the interesting thing: - MUGEN Version = 1.0+ - Not works only in KOFM, It also works in other games - She only have one palette, To avoid some Index problems - KOFM SparkFX System implemented - She has EXs Attacks - Rage System (Defense is increased when she takes damage) - 2 Hypers Lvl 3 Download: MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!dR1GUSyD!kh3AwFP5bLwxWvGTnvSJYmprfYkxnpe4llM4i_uaP8U Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dvabisqc29zpo27/Yuno-KOFM.rar/file Please, we are about to reach 1,000 subscribers, I would like to receive a little support from you who is reading this :') Thanks you
  10. Tehee ... this is a short and small animation that made with some short films recorded from the same MUGEN to present these two Yanders girls, Gasai Yuno, from Mirai Nikki, and Sonozaki Mion from Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni.I hope you like it a lot and currently Sonozaki Mion is no longer the same as in the video, now she is adapted to KOFM with 4 new Supers and 4 new Hypers.Regards!
  11. Hello everyone! This is another 3D stage for MUGEN 1.1 that I made to contribute to the community. It's my favorite scenario (although I don't use it much in my videos because my PC is bad and slows down a lot) of all the stages I've done, I hope you like it too ^^.Some sprites were ripped by the incredible Darek, regards! Download Eternal Aura MUGEN Stage: https://mega.nz/#!gZVzlCwY!Yk-LNF7BPoR6HNPjJBQpvm_pxJcUsf6SZueWpr93IHg See more MUGEN 1.1 3D Stages:
  12. [KOF MUGENGERS 4] Sonozaki Mion vs Ikari Warriors Team | Yandere Chan is Coming #1 AI Match TeamBattle: Leona Heidern Sonozaki Mion VS Clark Steel Ralf Jones Subscribe for more Content and Epic Battles!
  13. Hello everyone! This is an animation that I made to present the first two representatives that will form the Yandere Pack / 3rd Pack for MUGENGERS The Orochi's Origin.In this case we will show you how Arcueid Brunestud and Lucy Diclonius are captive at the NEST base, however, a problem has occurred and then they are already free, the NEST generals will have to take care of these two killing machines To download the complete game you can go to the description of the video, it is a MUGEN with 75 characters, 15 stages in 3D and mini-games ^^
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