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[MUGENGERS 4 V1.0] (03/07/2022) Full Game Released


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MUGENGERS 4 - The Orochi's Origin. Rev 1.0

Engine: I.K.E.M.E.N. Plus V0.3


Current version = 1.0

Characters = 60

Stages = 27

OpenGL Required = No


Table Content

  • 1 . 1 -  Introduction
  • 2 . 1 - Main Menu
  •    2 . 2 - New Modes
  •         2 . 2 . 1 - Minigames
  • 3 . 1 - New Characters
  •     3 . 2 - Mechanics and Combat System
  • 4 . 1 - Story Mode
  •     4 . 2 - Cutscenes
  • 5 . 1 - Conclusion and New Updates
  • 6 . 1 - Download Link


1 . 1 - Introduction


      MUGENGERS 4 is the unofficial continuation of the MUGENGERS - The Heroes of MUGEN series produced by Duralminn since 2015. It was created from the heavily modified I.K.E.M.E.N Plus engine, managing to add new game modes, a video player for scenes, story mode with chapters and of course, a way to play Online with the use of Radmin VPN. Following the footsteps of Duralminn, this game focuses primarily on the premise of The King of Fighters in a slightly original style.




2 . 1 - Main Menu


      The Main Menu consists of 15 Selections, among them are:

  • Arcade Mode (Advaced)
  • Arcade Mode (Classic)
  • Versus Mode
  • MUGENGERS Network
  • Arcade Mode (Co-Op)
  • Survival
  • Survival (Co-Op)
  • Training
  • Watch
  • Extras


Main Menu: Inspired in Soul Calibur V and Blazblue Series



Arcade Mode (Advanced): Fight against 8 oponents with Bosses, Sub-Bosses and Challenges while the Story of MUGENGERS keep going

Arcade Mode (Classid): A simply and traditional Arcade Mode, fight against 10 oponents.



2 . 2 - Extra Modes


     In Extra Menu you can choose beetwen a lot of Special Content and Challenges

  • Free For All: Fight against the CPU making your own rules
  • Minigames: See Extra Modes 2 . 2 . 1
  • Character Biography: Discover how character from The King of Fighters and MUGENGERS live in the same Universe and his backstories.
  • Gallery: Take a eye to these drawings who MUGENGERS Artists put in this section
  • Story Mode: See Story Mode 4 .1 








2 . 2 . 1 - Minigames


       In this section you can choose your favourite Minigame to play or find a challenge:

  • Destroy N.E.S.T.S: Survive 1 Minute fighting against Kyo Clones
  • Dimensional Fracture: Arcade Mode (Advanced) Extra Fight. Complete the Platform Stage and reach and defeat the Final Boss
  • Boss Rush (Story Mode): Defeat all Story Mode Bosses in order to complete this mode
  • Boss Rush (KOF): Defeat all KOF Bosses in Chronological Order to complete this mode




3 . 1  - New Characters


      This game contains a total of 72 Characters, 60 main Characters and 12 DLCs that will be added in the near future. The premise of this game is to show characters from The King of Fighters franchise, including characters from KOF XV like Leona Heidern in her new costume and Krohnen McDougall, lost characters suited up and ready to fight like Rose Bernstein, and original characters that serve as a fundamental part of the story like Diana and Schlussel (Of course, the balanced version and low res version resprited by me)


Character Select Screen with Animated Portraits and Two Systems to choose.



Stage Select Screen with Music Selector and button to play the Music



Krohnen McDougall and Leona Heidern 2D Version



Rose Bernstein and Shermie with her KOF XV Palettes.



Elisabeth Blanctorche using her KOF XV Climax



3 . 2 - Mechanics and Combat System


        MUGENGERS follows the traditional conditions of The King of Fighters with additional sections. There are two systems you can choose for play:

  • KOF System: The Traditional KOF System, for common players.
  • Stylish System: A easy mode for begginers players or people who dont play fighting games, this system not is recommended for KOF Players because is too limited.


      Special Mechanics for MUGENGERS Combat System:

  • Attack Booster: A mix beetwen MAX Mode from KOF XV and HD Mode from KOF XIII. You can cancel your Supers and Hypers while this is activated.

          Duration: 15 Secs, Consume: 200% Power, Boost: Attack Power Up and Cancel Attacks.

  • Defense Booster: Boost your Defense while this is activate.

          Duration: 15 Secs, Consume: 400% Power, Boost: Defense Up and Lock PowerBar

  • Transformation: Some Characters can transform to get new skills or power-ups
  • Tag Mode
  • Tag Assist


4 . 1 - Story Mode


       Like I said before, this game have a Story Mode still in progress, for now, only 2 chapters are available to play. Story Mode follow a Beat Em Up concept with Platforms Stages, RPG Elements, Special Events, Bosses and Sub Bosses. The Chapters are predefinied with the character you will use, in this case, Diana is the protagonist of this game, her mission is found allies to fight against the enemies of the tale... In a few words to dont do spoiler, this is better explained in the game.

In the Story Mode, you have two styles of game while you advace the chapters, in some cases you will have to complete a stage, and in others you will have to defeat or survive against a Boss, following the narrative will be helpful for you.


The story revolves around the events of KOF, just after The King of Fighters XIV ended:









4 . 2 - Cutscenes


       I added the function to play Video Files in I.K.E.M.E.N. So yes, you will see some Special Cutscenes not only in Story Mode, in Arcade Mode are some Cutscenes too (For now, Japan Team and Fatal Fury are the only teams who have completed cutscenes, more Cutscenes will be added for the other teams).

I have to emphasize, if the Cutscenes dont work please upgrade or modify your Graphics Driver before you said something.











5 . 1 - Conclusion and New Updates


    This is a beta version of the game, therefore there may be some bugs that make the game difficult. New mechanics will be implemented in future updates, currently KOF XV systems are being added: EX Moves, CD Physics, Shatter Strike, Tag Mode Adjustments, Tag Climax, a better implement for Damage Scaler.

For the characters, New Characters will be added, I'm talking about characters I will sprite from myself in KOF Style, like new characters from KOF XV or characters from other sagas. (Maybe Isla, maybe Dolores... Maybe characters from GG, BB, MK... I don't know... That will be a secret...)




About the main characters, some will be resprited too, maybe do a KOF XV Ash, Elisabeth, Chizuru or Mai will be fine for the next version.

Also I'm making a English Version  : )


EDIT: I made this new topic because this version is too different about the previous version, also this was made with other Engine, similar to (Ikemen Plus / GO Topics)

EDIT2: Sorry about my bad English, not is my natal language


6 . 1 - Download Link




Mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2hxcrqgng7ol89w/MUGENGERS_The_Orochi%27s_Origin_%28V1.0%29.zip/file

MEGA: https://mega.nz/file/9IVQGLxA#kIMlOyLPlvNyPovTX4OyTdtJgRnkfv4R7dIdQoZW_sw

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