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B-kun's 63 1/3 Comeback: Blue Suede Goo released, Earthworm Jim updated (update)

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Hi guys!! I've been absent all the past 2018 for personal reasons, but now I'm back with these creations from ClayFighter franchise (and to honor its death and Interplay's in 2016) I've been worked all this summer (yes, here in the southern it's summer) and now they're finally ready to be launched. Let me introduce you my new stuff:



1. Blue Suede Goo
The Elvis impersonator from the first game is back to MUGEN with this new version, which is faithful to the first ClayFighter and CF: Tournament Edition from SNES (since basic to special moves are accurate to the source) but made under the 63 1/3 engine made for Earthworm Jim, as well added various of the features from this game (since sounds and sparks to moves like Overhead Attack, Launcher, Claytalities and the complete combo system, Insane Combos included). I like the result of this character and I hope you enjoy him as I did creating him... OH MOMMA!!




2. Earthworm Jim
The favourite videogames worm is back with a vengeance!! I finally can add all the sprites I needed to get a more complete version of him (adapted and modified from the spritesheet by Random Talking Bush). These are some of the major changes from this update:

  • Various anims (since basics to specials/supers) now have more sprites, so now Jim is more fluid than before
  • He had just one before, now Jim has all the 6 Insane Combos (Ultras) from the game!!
  • Finally made the intro (supersuit falling from sky) and winpose (Jim shooting to himself) from 63 1/3
  • Added his 2 throws from the game
  • Added 2 new Claytalities from the game: Launch from MUGEN and Squish Claytality, completing 3 in total!! (only 2 more should be made to get him all of them)
  • More voice samples added, included the hitsounds
  • Compatible with these custom states: squished/splatted, burnt, stuck in the ground (DrKelexo's Deathmask) and cheap KO
  • Compatibility with MUGEN1.0+ (data, winquotes, etc), just choose "ewj-m1.def" and that's all (Blue Suede Goo also has this BTW)


Screenshots (new ones):

Cow From Sky and Squish Claytality are compatibles with anim 7689 (splatted/squished) as you can see in the 2nd pic with Panty 😉



So here they are, I hope you enjoy them... and I hope to make more characters from ClayFighter 63 1/3 (Bad Mr. Frosty and Boogerman are in my chars-to-do list), as well adapting from the first 2 games as I did wth BSG (if you like the result of BSG, I'm interested to revive Tiny in a future). So, download them now!!


Chars -> Adaptations




I forgot to say it... I made my own custom state so you can add it to your character via AIR without put a code in the CNS. Let me show you:
5305 -> Pre-Claytality pose
A state based on what I did with Jim and later with BSG, it's a simple anim you can add in your character to make him/her compatible with the pre-Claytality state (for normal chars, it goes to 5300/dizzy state BTW). Only 2 sprites getting down with time 5-6 and the last one on its knees with time -1, all of them with clsn2. If it's a KOF/CVS char, you can use part of the cheap KO sprites to make the anim, but always you can improvise as I did with BSG.
I hope this could be useful, maybe in a future experiment more with custom states and make the cutted-in-half state as in CF series without coding as with Shadowtak's characters 😉



03/08/2019: Both chars has been updated!!

Both chars:
- Dampered damage, since normal hits to supers and combo system
- Added a special CMD for MUGEN1.0+
Earthworm Jim:
- Fixed bug on Cow From Sky for chars that doesn't have the 7689 anim
- Made minor fixes on throws
Blue Suede Goo:
- Fixed some stuff in readme (now is in full english :P)
- Fixed splatted sprite on 7689
- Fixed infinites on normal hits as well unguardables on normal kicks


03/13/2019: Jim has been updated AGAIN!!

Earthworm Jim:
- FINALLY Fixed bug on Cow From Sky

-Added more time to afterimage for Insane Combos

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