Akito (OC / DivineWolf Style) by Akito-sama & AVPBoy - Last Update: 07/26/2018

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13 minutes ago, Private Mucho said:

As per usual, not compatible with WinMugen. Every day, MFG just strays further from WinMugen.


WinMugen needs some love, too!

Yeah, no, it really doesn't. WinMUGEN has been outdated for several years now, even I, who normally get attached to older versions of certain things already use 1.1. If you complained about 1.0, that was one thing, but Win? Too old, don't expect much.

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video to preview is gone, ya want me to post a screenshot or...nevermind it's there now, you updated...
just like i updated this comment XD

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