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Although she originally made her debut in Psycho Soldier, Athena Asamiya is mostly known for her appearance in The King of Fighters franchise. She is actually the modern-day relative of Princess Athena, the Princess/Goddess from the game of the same name. She has appeared in every KoF game to date, and is known mostly for having a different outfit and hairstyle in each game, and now thanks to the Mugen community she now has quite a few versions of herself as well.



UPDATE: This collection is finished, if you see any edits missing let me know. Enjoy :)



1. "Dark Athena by ActJapan" This Athena retains her normal moveset, but has been given a bunch of new specials and hypers. She can surround herself with energy spheres,and create clones of herself that serve as strikers, as well as distractions to name a couple. One hyper consists of dropping a bunch of huge weights on her foes. She is pretty cheap, but feel free to try her if you want.



2. "Darkness Athena by KILL" This Athena retains her basic moveset and her Psycho Ball special, in addition some of her attacks are taken from Rugal and K'. Added specials include fireballs, large electric spheres, and Zero's white hole to name a few. Has Glaugan as a striker. A good character fit for any roster.



3. "D-Athena by Ahuron" This Athena isn't based off anything that I know of, her specials however have been heavily edited, such as bigger Psycho Balls along with heavier damage, sending image's of herself that set her opponent up for a juggle, and she also has Magaki, Orochi, and Akuma as strikers. Download if you like cheap edits.



4. "Athena Nakomiya by Ainotenshi" This Athena is Based off Nakoruru of Samurai Shodown. She has fire and ice based powers, and even has Nakoruru's hawk as a special. Download if you like Samurai Shodown.



5. "Athena Type-M by Unknown Author" This Athena retains her usual moves, and specials. Some new features include parries, counterattacks, and increased health to name a few. One new special grants the ability to heal herself. Makes for a good boss.



6. "Mystic Athena by Ard-Kiro" This Athena retains the usual moveset along with her Psycho Ball special. New specials include a larger projectile that somewhat resembles a Hadouken, sending a clone of herself that grapples her opponent then following up with flurry of punches and kicks, and using what looks like a lightsaber. One hyper has her sprouting a pair of wings, grabbing her foe then slamming them into the ground. She's not too cheap, and her gameplay is pretty good. The only flaw is that her voice clip is a little low, still she's worth a try.



7. "Psycho Soldier Athena by Djlove" This Athena retains the usual moveset and specials, she also has a couple of new specials, like surrounding herself with stars that serve as barrier of sorts, and a UFO striker. She is a beta and her animations are a little stiff. A pass for me, but feel free to try her if you like.



8. "Shin Athena by Tuki no Turugi" This Athena has the usual moveset. In addition to the normal power bar in Mugen, she also has some kind of gauge at the bottom of the screen. She doesn't seem to have any other additional features, at least from what I see. If anyone discovers more features let me know.



9. "Zero Athena by Yoshino S." A cheap edit of Athena, she has regenerating health, can send a wave of either lightning bolts or whirlwinds across the stage, and has enhanced versions of her specials as hypers. Has Fliz, Maria Shinzaki, Shiki, and Shadow Dio as strikers. Download if you like cheap edits.



10. "Athena X by GURI" This Athena retains all her standard moveset, as well as her specials and hypers. One interesting feature is that pressing the taunt button causes her to swap between each of her appearances throughout the KoF series, other then that she is pretty much the same. She is a unique character and is well suited for any roster.



11. "Master Athena by GURI" This edit has the standard moveset like normal, my guess is that the author who created Athena X or someone else had the idea to either make improvements to her or use her as a starting point for a completely new edit/character, but only changed the name before either losing interest or moving onto another project altogether. As a result she is literally the same as Athena X, but with a different name.



12. "Athena 99 by Niitris" This edit is Athena from KoF 99, but with long hair and a few custom palletes. She has all the usual specials and hypers as the original.



13. "Athena EX by EI" This edit is almost unchanged from the original. The only difference I could find is that she has a blacked out version of Sie Kensou as a striker, she herself also has glitched palettes during her intros as well as some animations. This is a pass for me, but feel free to try her if you want.



14."Athena Nurse by S.Y.D" As the name implies this edit is Athena in a nurse's outfit. Her attacks consist of using her syringe as slashing weapon, and a special which involves using it like a throwing knife. She doesn't seem to have any hypers. Has a NSFW (non-explicit) KO. A good character but a bit basic.



15. "Athena Heidern by S.Y.D" As the name implies this Athena is based off Heidern, and as of such she has his specials and hypers. Has a unique intro when pitted against herself, and a NSFW (non-explicit) KO. She is a great  character and I would definitely recommend this one.



16. "Athena Asamiya Bikini by GACN" This Athena is based off her ancestor Princess Athena, and uses high resolution sprites. Her specials consist of shooting fireballs from her sword, donning a pair of gauntlets and charging into her opponent, and a bow projectile to name a few. She has no hypers, no voice clip, and the animations are just a tad stiff as seen in her intro and some attacks. She's not good, but she's not bad either.



17. "Maria Shinzaki by Mouki" Maria actually made her debut in The King of Fighters 2002 as one of Athena's closet friends and even appeared in some of her intros, yet she was never playable. Since she has psycho powers like Athena she also has a similar moveset. She does have one unique hyper were she unleashes a flurry of brutal kicks on her foe. A good character in all.



18. "Maria Shinzaki by Zayro" This edit is similar to the one mentioned above. New features include an electric version of psycho ball, charging diagonally into her opponent while sheathed in energy, and a flying kick. I highly recommend this one.



19. "Asuka by Zelgadis" Like Maria, Asuka made her debut in The King of Fighters 2002, and is a close friend of Athena, and appeared in some of her intros, but wasn't playable. Gameplay wise she is she has almost the same exact moveset as Athena, hypers in all. Has a NSFW (non-explicit) KO. This character is actually from the fan-made game The King of Fighter Memorial LV2. She is a good character fit for any roster.



20. "Jamine Polonce by RBGarcia" I'm not sure who or what this Athena based off. Her specials consist of using a laser like blade while spinning through the air, and a rising whirlwind. Her hypers consist of a vertical laser that serves as an anti-air attack of sorts, and turning into a tornado. I highly recommend this one.



21. "Akane by Oscar12345" I don't know what this Athena is based off. Unlike other edits she does not retain any specials or hypers of the original. Her only special that I know of is a flying kick. Hypers consist of a laser that can be a single shot or a volley, charging at her foe's while turning invisible and remaining so as she pummels them, while flowers highlight were they are struck, and unleashing what looks like a flower petals at close range. A bit cheap but worth a go.



22. "Alessia by RBGarcia" This edit retains some of the original moveset and also has a few new specials as well. These include two attacks where she rolls into a ball and slams into her opponent (one resembles Kano's air ball while the other resembles Mileena's Rolling Thunder), and sword slashes to name a couple. Parts of her voice clips are taken from Julia Chang from Tekken. Compatible with Midnight Bliss. I highly recommend this one.



23. "Ayaka by Shoe" This Athena has been made into a brawler. her only special that I've seen is an uppercut that resembles a Shoryuken. Hypers include a trio of heavy punches and a parry. She is a bit basic but decent overall.



24. "Bia Peres by RBGarcia" This edit retains the basic moveset, but has different specials and hypers. Specials include sheathing herself in psycho power and charging upward for an anti-air attack, sending images of herself for a variety of attacks, and a psycho projectile. Hypers include sheathing herself in light that knocks the opponent back, and sending an image of herself that if successfully grabs the opponent causes an explosion that launches them skyward. Compatible with Midnight Bliss. She is a good character and well suited for the roster.



25. "Carolaine by RBGarcia" One of my favorite edits. She retains some of the usual Psycho Power attacks, but most of her attacks involve utilizing volleyballs as projectiles in numerous ways. The volleyballs can be a simple straight shot, going in bouncing formation that can hit either standing or jumping opponents, and some even appear as bombs. Their are two different types, one goes off on impact, and the other is timed and she usually throws two or three at a once of the that kind. Watch out though, the explosion can also damage her as well. She is a really fun character, and I highly recommend her for the roster.



26. "Constantinus II by Fishbed"  One of the more cheaper edits. Her basic attacks involve slashing her foes with her fingernails/claws. Her specials consist of magic based projectiles fired from her fingers,grabbing her opponent and setting them on fire or what looks like biting them on the neck, and surrounding herself in a shield of energy to name a few. She also has the ability to side step any attack, including full screen ones, and the AI will abuse this to no end, as in not take a single hit. Parts of her voice clip is taken from Lynnette of Soul Calibur. Download if you like cheap edits.



27. "Constantinus III by Fishbed" Similar to Constantinus II but is more focused on using specials. She can't side step like the other, and is immune to almost all projectiles. Specials include energy blades, magic projectiles, and a shield to keep the opponent at bay. Her voice clip is taken from Cassandra Alexandra from Soul Calibur. Has a NSFW (non-explicit) KO, though it happens randomly. Download if you like magical girls.



28. "Heraclius by Fishbed" Another magical school girl. She has similar attacks like Constantinus III, as in energy projectiles, electric lasers, and energy blades. The one thing she does have is slightly more health. She is not as cheap as the the author's other edits and fills the role of a boss pretty well. A great character for any roster.



29.Heraklonas by Fishbed" The most balanced edit from this author's set of edits. She is very similar to Athena herself, but with the electric laser hyper, and electric shield. Like with other edits this one fires a ball of energy instead of the usual psycho ball. She is a great character well suited for any roster.



30. "Maoko by Fishbed" Once again, very similar to Constantinus II but not as cheap. Her attacks consist of using her fingernails as blades, and sending a wave of energy across the stage that juggles the opponent and pushes them back in the process. She also has a hyper that greatly resembles Lilith's Splendor Love from Darkstalkers. Makes for a good boss battle.



31. "Kei Nanasawa by Rikard" This Athena is one part part brawler and another part lightning user. Some of her basic attacks bare a slight resemblance to K', specials include an energized slide kick, electric spheres, and a long range jump kick to name a few. Hypers include a series of flip kicks following up with a stomp to the chest, and a series of punches. I highly recommend this one.



32. "Clara Heidern by RBGarcia" This is Athena Heidern with a different palette to make her look more like Heidern's deceased daughter. She has the same attacks a Athena Heidern as well. 



33. "Esmeralda by Shunchainm, Tecla2000, & alberich" This edit is based on a character from the anime Saint Seiya. Her specials include fireballs, knives, and using her armor. Has Ikki as a striker. Download if you like Saint Seiya.



34. "Lumina by Y&M" This edit bares a strong resemblance to Lili from Tekken, however she plays nothing like Lili, and most of her attacks are similar to Orochi. She has it's Lightning Pillar, and Harae as specials, and she can send a trail of Lighting Pillars across the screen as a hyper. I highly recommend this one.



35. "Meer Campbell by NSX-R" This edit is based off a character from the Gundam series. Her specials consist of an energy based projectile and numerous strikers. Hypers include, a large electric sphere, a version of Dio's Steam Roller Da but replaced with a car, and a whirlwind to name a few. She is a great character and I definitely recommend this one.



36. "Dark Magician Girl by DJ Xtool" This edit is based off a character from Yu Gi Oh!. She has the basic melee attacks as most edits, but also has a few that involve her staff as a blunt weapon as well. Specials include a short range burst of magic, and a powerful kick that knocks the opponent away to name a couple. The only hyper that I've seen is a flurry of staff strikes, but FF3 revealed a bit more that may involve Dark Magician, and Breaker the Magical Warrior, that's all in theory of course, it also revealed one NSFW image, but I've never seen it in game, so download at your own risk. Compatible with Midnight Bliss.



37. "Athena Nurse HD by Romanov" This is Nurse Athena with Hi-Res sprites. She retains the moveset as the other one, but she also has the hypers from the original Athena. Has a NSFW (non explicit) KO. She is a good character fit for any roster.



38. "Athena-Sailor by Romanov" This edit is just Athena herself with hi-res sprites. She has all her specials and hypers like normal. Has a NSFW (non explicit) KO. Her animations are great and she is well suited for any roster.



39 "Athena Asamiya by Sheld" This Athena is almost unchanged from the original, but she seems to have the ability to perform one hyper and then execute another half-way through the animation. She is just a good as the original and well suited for any roster.



40. "CAPCOM Athena by Hero"  This Athena retains all her specials, hypers, and basic moveset. As her name implies she has CAPCOM styled sprites. Great for any roster.



41. "Another Athena by xxxXx" Also known as Armored Athena, this is Athena's striker from KoF 2000. Her basic movset consists of sword and shield attacks. Specials include  bow shots, and a fireball to name a couple. One hyper features a barrage of arrows followed by a bigger fireball. She is a late beta, but more than playable.



42. "New Athena by JFCT555" This Athena is almost unchanged from the original. The only thing new I can find is a hyper that consists of a large Psycho Ball, however FF3 revealed more hypers that may involve her friends, Asuka and Maria. If anyone finds anything else let me know.



43. "Sandy by JuanABL"  Literally a fusion of Athena and Blue Mary, as suggested by her intro. She has several different modes depending on which pallete you choose. Which one you pick determines her specials, and hypers. This can be the usual Psycho Power, as well as fire, wind, cutting, and ice based attacks. She is a great character, and I highly recommend this one. 



44. "Slasher Athena by an unknown unknown" This Athena retains the usual specials, and hypers, but as the name suggests her moveset has her utilizing knife based attacks. Compatible with Midnight Bliss, and has a NSFW (non explicit) KO. Further NSFW warning: compatible with some hentai characters, so download at your own risk.



45. "Elysium by Chuchoryu"  This edit is based on the final boss from Soul Calibur 5. Her attacks involve using a sword, shape shifting into other characters of the Soul series, and her trademark move (Eleusian Initiation) is her hyper. Download if you like Soul Calibur.



46. "Soul Calibur(SNK Version) by CVS Artist" This edit is a take on what the Spirit sword itself would look like in humanoid form, she uses sprites based on Goddess Athena. Like Elysium she attacks by shape shifting into other characters from the Soul series, but also uses her sword and shield as well. Has the same hyper as Elysium. A good character in all.



47. "Soul Calibur(CAPCOM Version) by CVS Artist" Another take on the spirit sword, aside from the CAPCOM styled sprites, she is exactly the same as the SNK version, and just a good for the roster as well.



48. "Athena XIII(Hentai Edit) by K6666orochi" This Athena uses KoF XIII sprites. She retains her basic moveset, specials, and hypers. As you can see her idle stance has been edited to be more fan-service like. Being a hentai edit she is of course NSFW, so download at your own risk.



49. "Atesa by aaze" This Athena is mostly a fire user, she retains the basic moveset as the original. New specials include, teleporting, a laser, and fireballs. Her hypers consist of a barrage of flaming skulls, followed by a laser, a flaming dive bomb, and a full-screen attack that what appears to covering the earth in a harsh light that causes massive damage. Has a NSFW (non-explicit) KO. Well suited for any roster.



50. "Marvel Girl by bdc and aa250" This edit is based off Jean Grey's classic X-Men identity. She has the basic moveset, and her specials consist of fireballs, waves of flame sent across the ground, and telekinisis to name a few. A good character in all.



51. "Athena-Flames by KoopaKoot" This Athena retains all the usual moveset, specials, and hypers as the original. New features include, a large fireball, shot vertically from the air, and a hyper consisting of assitance from her friends to name a few. A good character overall.



52. "Athena Asamiya XIII by Mondregon" This Athena retains all the basic moves, specials, and hypers as the original. She uses sprites from KoF XI, but has gameplay from KoF XIII. Other then that, she's pretty much the same.



53. "Tethys by Kingseiya" This edit has been made into a character from the anime Saint Seiya. The majority of her attacks are projectiles that consist of fire, and balls of energy, but she is mostly a brawler, and feels like she's a late beta. Has a french voice pack.


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first of all: thank you very much for this collection! Athena is my 2nd favorite KOF character (and the 1st female favortie kof character). im so happy right no XD


so i have these edits:


Athena 99 - just athena with kof 99's outfit but with a little twist: her hair is long. good for the people that didn't like her short hair XD




Master Athena - one of the coolest edits. at first she looks like a regular athena with XI outfit. but when you press the start button she change her outfit and the gamestyle to previous outfits (and gamestyle). so you can star a fight with 98's style but end it with 2002's style.



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Nice start bruh! :D

Well, there are some links:

From MFG database: http://network.mugenguild.com/guild/mugenwiki_kofe.html (search for "Athena Edits")

From MugenArchive: http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=search&tagid=1598

Akane by Oscar12345, edited by Kamran Bernstein: http://www.4shared.com/rar/G4VRAg5w/Kof-Akane.html

Video that contain some Athena edits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WQBYSVP0pk (links in the video description)

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Great, now we need a Kyo and Iori edits collection

Also, isn't there like a hi-res version of Nurse Athena?


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few more edits:


1. Capcom Athena - she similar to athena from "capcom vs snk 2" but with some changes. for me she looks much better than the original one.




2. Sandy - a mix with athena and blue mary.




3. Soul calibur capcom - a human version of sould calibur with capcom style (Edit of cvs athena)




4. sould calibur SNK - an edit of goddes athena. human version of soul calibur with SNK style



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@Tomas T If it's not a problem, can you supply an alternate link? 


File Dropper isn't letting me download files from their no more for some reason. :(

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I think there was another Athena Heidern made by Mast Chen.


Also of note that DMG has a NSFW image in her sprite file.

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@DuckMannnn Added, thanks dude, and don't worry I've added it to my Mediafire account (along with every character or stage in the collections I've done) so anyone get them they want. :)


However, my Mediafire storage is over half full, so I may have just enough space to do 3 more collections. I'd get a larger storage plan, but I've never been a fan of paying for stuff online, especially a monthly fee. Does anyone know of an alternative?

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@White Ranger I Also have 3 Athena Edits for you Post here.


1: Athena Flames by Unknown Author:


An edit of KoopaKoot's Athena XI to have Flame Attacks.


2: Athena XIII by Mondregon:


It uses Edited sprites from Athena XI to look like Athena XIII,And has Athena XIII's Same voice and Attacks.


3: Tethys by Kingseiya:


An Char from Saint Seiya that uses Athena's Same movelist and Edited sprites.

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