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10 hours ago, NijikakuFan61 said:

you bastard...




you're making me cry now! STOP IT, GODDAMNIT!

Hey dude, you're not the only one crying right now. I'm crying too. We all miss Mr. Rogers.

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"My friend traded me a Duskull and he called it "Dudeskull" and I wanted to rename and I went to the name rater in Eterna City so that I can give it another name but he tells me:

"Dudeskull, is it?
That is a truly impeccable name!"

And he wont let me change it!

whats up with that? Duderskull is not an impeccable name, it is a STUPID name why cant I change it :angry face:" - Pokepizza


" oh but I dont want to tell him he chose a stupid name because that will offend him (he always chooses lame names for his pokemons)

Maybe i'll steal his DS when he is not looking and then do the trade and change the name myself


oh boy I hope he doesnt read these forums" - Pokepizza


" What do you mean that you hope I dont read these forums? It was ME WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT THESE FORUMS" - Ethan




That whole thread is a gem.

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"Truck driver?

I ain't no truck driver. I'm a janitor. That's right, baby, I just bought this truck straight cash. I got cigarettes for me and my family the rest of our lives!


-A Man in truck from Chapelle´s Show.

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"In other news, apparently Goku used to hang out with Joseph Joestar. He didn't anymore because one time he thought Jojo was dead from sending an Immortal being into space."
~Me, from two years ago on a Ricepigeon video

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