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  1. apparently we got some people who want act like a lil *****   and are internet tough guys when it comes to having real topics. all these negatives because of 1 topic

    1. Flare-Gamer-64
    2. Egnaro


      Look at this guy's rep and you will get it... Legendary rep status

  2. perfect mugen creator

    White Wolf Strowd by wharkandi, krunkest404

    Ok so for real this time ... * This is a edit version of prime sc as it has all the basics already. * Added custom moves * Possible will add more EX moves in Future *Needs more palettes if any volunteers I wanted to give his more loose boxers feelings. Wharkandi helped loosen him up to combo more so shouts outs to HER!!
  3. perfect mugen creator

    Ogre EX updated to MUGEN 1.1 only

    1.0 link is dead can you upload to
  4. does anybody have good quality video and sound? i need a demonstration video for the release of this character.

    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      What character is it might I ask? Also that low rep gives me bad signs.

    2. perfect mugen creator

      perfect mugen creator

      the negative rep is for me a legendary super sayian ultra instinct max threat level sith lord

      the character is white wolf strowd. first ever made

  5. can anybody show me a post or link to how to add super cancel?

  6. Can people please upload img on imgur or something instead this other sites that have limited bandwith

  7. perfect mugen creator

    Kazuki update enja preview 1

    Hell the fuck yeah bro. Props to the homie Lord Batros. (bows)
  8. perfect mugen creator

    Kazuki update enja preview 1
  10. perfect mugen creator

    Looking for black mugen content creators

    obama was cool leaving the white house. he is 2 miles from it with 30,000 army on standby
  11. perfect mugen creator

    Looking for black mugen content creators

    Looking for black mugen content creators Wassup guys im looking for black mugen content creators of all kinds. this includes music, stages,characters, screen packs, palettes and etc. this is not limited to African Americans as all dark melentated people are welcome including our Latino brothers, dark Asian brothers and etc. This post is not cause racial division of any kind but to have our brothers and sisters have a place where we can chopp it up about news, black people topics, sports and etc. we have a discord and are looking for more memebers. please send a private message if you wish to respond. other then that have a awesome day to everyone.
  12. perfect mugen creator

    Rstrowd Alpha by Rick Strowd By Krunkest404, Wharkandi & Skeletor EX

    Ad referral links ? those were short url links. but if you wanna be like that then delete the topic dude.