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  1. Thanks for sharing guys!
  2. Does anyone have Beterhan's Akuma Good Ghost?
  3. Now all it need is some nice palettes.
  4. pretty sure its Venom by Bask.
  5. Wow, just based on a comic. Very nice for your first intros and endings!
  6. I got two Necro's now. Rajaa's creation is very unique and it even has a score system like playing on Arcades. Just wow....
  7. http:// Not that the hard to Google it "ya know?
  8. I didn't know Spider-Carnage has a Sentinel. Still it seems to be more beta and it needs work 'cause I think it lacks more frames and little tweeking in clsns.
  9. Wow... what an achievement! More power to MFFA!
  10. projectiles and crouch strong kick that knocks down opponent
  11. Thanks bud, much appreciated!
  12. I found Black's K', thanks a lot pal! Now I just need a Genjuro by Tin.
  13. 1. SvC Genjuro Kibagami by Tin 2. K' by Black 3.Bishamon by Basara-Kun Does anyone have them? Much appreciated if you share them......
  14. Well that's the best Haggar sprite I've ever seen. It's about time he had released it.!