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  1. Valkyrie beta release by regisc and Cristianomelo Additional credit to: - Marvel for creating the character - volzzilla and shanri for various tweaks ===== **MOVELIST** Specials - Asgardian Kick: D, DF, F + K - Pegasus: D, DB, B + K - Asgardian Spin: D, DB, B + P - Asgardian Slash: D, DF, F + P Hypers - Defenders Attack: D, DB, B + PP - Hyper Pegasus: D, DB, B + KK - Hyper Asgardian Slash: D, DF, F + KK - Asgardian Beatdown: D, DF, F + PP ===== Download: http://mugenmultiverse.forumotion.com/t12774-valkyrie-by-regisc-and-cristianomelo-released
  2. just here to give the topic a like and to say good luck with your tournament as its a very cool feature for your forum that i hope succeeds :)
  3. i can't remember, did the 2 different gameplay styles have different moves as well, or just different ways to execute the same things? been so long since i played. i ask because maybe that'd be an extra source of sprites for future conversions? darth vader might be a good one to do next as could also rip stuff from the embedded mini game that could be of use. may have had a stage too. not to mention all the other star wars source could draw from to add to him.
  4. nice. musta been hard to get the sprites like you mentioned. i still have dual toys 2 on my laptop. but i gave up after getting to some loop where i couldn't advance any further. no idea what happened.
  5. topic was a mistake to make here
  6. its not a response to you. its using your quote in a response to him.
  7. quoting because apparently he does not get that. and i'll say it again since you don't get it. i never instigate shit with you. you do it all the time. so apparently something from 4 yrs ago must mean more than you say since you've been doing the exact same thing for said 4 yrs.
  8. @ laharl: no offense, but i'll drop completely once i get some proof that something is done. but i'll give you this...i won't bring it up again in this topic...unless i'm provoked into doing so. @ darkflare: no, you were banned because you acted like an asshole on a forum with a rule against acting like an asshole. and the line about banning for the doofus comment is an utter and boldfaced lie. but you are great at twisting shit like that. i'll say it again, i never instigate shit with you. you do it every f'n time you can however, which must be because of 4 yrs of butthurt.
  9. and where the hell did i say "just cause those posts weren't NICE CHAR +1" oh right i didn't. just you being your typical butthurt over me banning you from a different forum 4 yrs ago self. i never instigate shit with you but you always do so with me. why? apparently that is why, because you are butthurt over something from 4 yrs ago. if i knew how much you'd need some sort of salve for your ass, i wouldn't have bothered at time. btw, i call total bullshit on you playful jab assertation. there was nothing playful about anything in the comments in the topic in question.
  10. leave it to the typical mob mentality of some people in mugen community to turn things around and attack the person just wanting a f'n rule to be looked into. to laharl, say what you want, you are being a hypocrite. doesn't matter when you were made g-mod. you were on staff at the time in question for that forum section. and the fact you would make this statement, "no one is on your side", tells me me you are no different. taking and applying the rules when, where and how you want to. neutral my ass.
  11. not that it has anything to do with this, but you have no f'n idea what you are talking about in both cases...especially with erroratu. there was nothing any where in the same ballpark of what you are trying to make it out to be.
  12. you can state all the hypocritical bullshit you want. this was what was stated. either enforce it or say you are a hypocrite. can do the same thing about the behavior topic. either enforce people stating shit (not saying shit like "i thought maybe about giving a warning but didn't") for drama or again, state you are a hypocrite. wait...didn't you already say that when you said you could have warned whoever but didn't. you want to be given the role of g-mod, then play it. don't play it when it suits your needs. either enforce the role, or give it up to people that will.
  13. so i just read a f'n topic loaded with shit breaking the Eff out of this rule. plz enforce the f'n rule and tell the offending people in PM to quit posting like that.
  14. i don't know the specifics and i don't want to know them. but for the record, i don't think anything malicious happened and it was more about a communication mistake/barrier. sometimes chuchoryu can be hard to communicate with. i'll give an example. i thought me and him had an understanding about deathstroke wip. he'd give me a private link for testing and i'd provide feedback for improvement for official release. well, he gave me a link...and everyone else in a youtube video link. couple that with he just has this thing for sharing. if he thinks something is playable, he'd like people to have it.
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