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  1. this is my roster literally, still improvizing to add more chars in blank spaces.
  2. Directly i've founded a Edit from Fake Golden Orochi, it's been named God Alosson:
  3. Leeds Festival Stage Released. Hello everyone, i've made my first stage and even it's a Real Place stage... so be prepared of it. I Was around over of the 2008 been 9 years without making any stage over aliases, i've wanted to develop content in 2010 since my Coding was not great or using it just like a stealing form from Josh Geary's creations till i've almost practicing how to learn from it. Around this year, i've started using the Stage Tool to make this stage, i think i would get Negative or Positive things about it. Pros: Big Stage Has Music in it Barely Great space Cons: Made in Stage Tool There's a Blank space above of the Stage No Animations No Super Jump 1.0 Only, i think. Demostration: Video Demostration: Download Link:
  4. talking about Gardevoir edits.... this is how S. Gardevoir gets her cheap chance.
  5. The Roblox Logo has been changed to this one in this year, probably you can fix it by adding it.
  6. My name comes to be not Sucessfully Focused on the Metal and Rock Generes, i've went doing Crudely or barely great Edits from other characters by the same way from Josh Geary's Steal Code till i've started learing the coding and the new Attacks that Of my chars peform. i've got originally my real name on as Matias Fernando (shortened for the gamings as Matias2889) at around 2007 or 2008 being a M.U.G.E.N Fanatic and starting my stuff from 2010 to went it but it failed till 2014 to come back for the M.U.G.E.N Stuff.
  7. School stuff is handling me to slow down my Projects but hold on... Ultra Violet is still alive on your power so #justdoit

  8. i've did a Edit of Nodog's Edit of Milano's Pikachu by adding 2 Victory Quotes and altering his Power stat to 5000 can be get from CoolAkramTV's Website Alternative Download Link:
  9. Last day of Vacation... anyways i've spent my coding over characters to edit them or making UltraViolet, hope i can get time for them during School Days for now.

  10. Anyways, due of Warner's Site's been down.. i have to Reupload KFM '09 so here's the link now!'
  11. i am about to do that.
  12. Welcome to MFFA!
  13. i wonder why he/She would do that without leaving something why he/she would close the website?
  14. i am Speechless and i can't believe something horrible happened to me... ;(

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Darkflare


      @Akram The guy just said his friends broke up and one of them committed suicide and you bring your petty Mugen requests into it. What the FUCK is wrong with you?

    3. Akram


      @MetalGuy213 I feel sorry for one of your friends commiting suicide. If they didn't commit suicide, I will hopely meet with you or the friend that didn't commit suicide. I will talk to him or you and will ask what happen.

    4. ShinzakiK


      Damn that's terrible. May he rest in peace.

  15. my image is from The decreased Brain Damage from the Hardcore Promotion Combat Zone Wrestling, around of the 2007.