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  1. Ran Horigein released by AO

    She does has special moves: ;-| Special Motions |------------------------------------------------------ [Command] name = "tyosei" command = ~D, F, D, F, x time = 20 [Command] name = "noten" command = ~D, F, D, F, y time = 20 [Command] name = "niren" command = ~D, DF, F, x [Command] name = "jodan" command = ~D, DF, F, y [Command] name = "tobi" command = ~D, DF, F, z [Command] name = "jikaduki" command = ~D, DB, B, x [Command] name = "seiken" command = ~D, DB, B, y [Command] name = "higuma" command = ~D, DB, B, z She just can't walk and has no basic attacks.
  2. Ran Horigein released by AO

    It's an older version of Kiriko Ise from the Nijikaku fullgame. Here she is:
  3. Preview: Strangely she can only move by dashing.!107&cid=6FD998403B188C3E
  4. Marge Simpson released and others updated by Warner Preview: Warner's returned to Mugen! And not only that, updated his old stuff along with Marge as well. DL:
  5. Look @SSBK65!

    Sanotohno decided to ignore me. I Decided to Hide my identity!

    I'm still ignoring you J****n (Komaki Manaka), and you started to annoy me a lot of times so quit doing that.

    All because I wanted Rock-man by okihaito so Badly!!!

    IT WAS ON THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!


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    2. Komaki Manaka

      Komaki Manaka

      Yeah private stuff fucking sucks.


    3. Pluscross


      That stage looks cool too...

    4. SSBK65


      I did find this version:


  6. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

    Found these lovely stages by Kaled Kalil.
  7. Sukapon by MASA@DAS and These Lifebars

    Here's Shiro's location:
  8. Dose anyone have Zoomekun?

    Hey, nice find, and here he is!: He also looks similar to the Nico Nico Douga Mascot, Terebi-Chan.
  9. GP-7 and KOF 2002 HSDM Background stage

    Here's the GP-7:
  10. Arakune: Amane:
  11. Previews: My Devil My Angel Two similar stages from the Arcade/Sega Saturn fighting game Astra Superstars, where a devil (or angel in Fooly's case) would transform into a clone of your character. The Devil variant has the original theme while the Angel variant has the enhanced Saturn remix of the stage's music, Painted Portrait. Download:
  12. Screenshots Mffa Style

    That's Nadja Applefield.
  13. Here's her AI patch:
  14. She was updated again today with more new sprites and effects.