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  1. Happy Birthday once again Ry, hope you had a great one.

  2. Why is Peter Pan always flying?
  3. Boxing Gloves + Springs = ARMS They made a game just from that idea, just shows how something simple can become so big. With a name like ARMS it'll get wrapped up in references just like Frozen.
  4. Yet another version of Mario that'll be loved for decades to come, as we were all eager to get this character.
  5. Welcome to MFFA Rawk-Klark.
  6. Happy Birthday Lord Batros.

  7. Welcome to MFFA Kid Arachnid.
  8. Oh that's cool, welcome to MFFA Hyourinjutsu.
  9. Welcome to MFFA Ezequiel-TM.
  10. Welcome to MFFA RedX.