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  1. AI Patch:
  2. Wang's the black haired girl wearing a white shirt with a blue top, she certainly blends in with her stage.
  3. Alt Link
  4. Here:!662&cid=7DB65F02B0BBD12E
  5. Custom Experimental BA Wang Pairon by Borewood2013 released (3/13/2017) Preview: Download:!112&cid=7DB65F02B0BBD12E (363MB) Find out more at:
  6. FlopHalf
  7. Wonderful to see this version of the stage in Mugen, thanks!
  8. Happy Birthday DarkWolf 13.

  9. He used to be so active. I wonder what happened with his old channel. Anyways, Air made the AI patch for Lucina:
  10. Happy Birthday Toshio.