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  1. Utagai-San got updated (animations, cns)
  2. Air made an AI patch for her:
  3. Found his AI patch, hooray:
  4. Alternate link, to save time. That site lost it's dignity to me, but it's still useful.
  5. Happy Birthday Infinite Kyo.

    1. Infinite Kyo

      Infinite Kyo

      thanks man :)

  6. I've finished uploading the newest version of Nijikaku, you can delete the old one Gal, and Phantom's Sendspace links are also expired. There's two "new" characters, alternate versions of Kiai-San, the fighter Nijiura Maid. New Link:
  7. Happy Belated Birthday, Green.

  8. Happy Birthday Magic Toaster.

  9. Happy Birthday, Ricepigeon.

  10. Happy Birthday, TDX.