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  1. Shedinja/Nukenin by しらんな。
  2. Sorta KOF styled!AGbjEGEz-IPZlnc&id=B534B18614C4F01E!121&cid=B534B18614C4F01E
  3. Note: To turn off AI, open Minori-AH3-09-Watch and set [State -3] type = varset trigger1 = RoundState = 2 && Alive && Ctrl && !var(59) trigger1 = p2name != "training" && p2name != "TRM Man" var(59) = 5 ;0~5で手動設定可能 var(59) to 0 Mugen Minori AH3
  4. Pseudo-GG playstyle (P,K, S,HS, with some custom stuff)
  5. Turn off AI by searching config in Emiya.cns and changing the AI setting from on to off Currently in alpha
  6. This is why I left the nico link up there, since that's the only place he can post updates. Updated the actual DL link
  7. What version are you using? Works properly in 1.0 for me.
  8. ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;AI set ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- [State -2] type = Varset trigger1 =1 var(59) = 1;1でAION 0でOFF ignorehitpause = 1 Sure this is what you're changing?
  9. Nope. Archer is the first creation of this author it seems
  10. Pepsiman as he is in the commercials. A clumsy oaf. Moveset is pretty much a bunch of obstacles and traps that hurt him along with the opponent. Is generally strained by the fact that his entire offense is mapped to one button. He does have a parry and heal button though Update: He now has normal attacks on x, and a super on z. Now has an alternate version(pepsimanb) with a more "normal" attack scheme on a and b, traps are set as a grid which you select using x and y, and use with z. Update as of 26th: the former pepsimanb moveset is the main moveset now, grid slightly edited to be less confusing (but still not that intuitive) Pass:105
  11. Other characters also updated.
  12. It's Spencer, but a fish-head, and needs ammo to do stuff
  13. Finally finished the CCC event on my and on my friends account!


    Well technically need to do some other stuff on the other account but I beat the main bosses there.

  14. Maki link leads to a login screen.
  15. Well, it's pseudo melty like Kira's other characters, best gameplay feel but also somewhat overpowered.
  17. Yes, she's a fate character
  18. I miss British Rocket.


    I miss the pre-movie 00's aesthetic of the GotG in general. It annoys me how they decided to just change the comic ones to be more similar to the movie ones when they should be their own thing.

  19. The last time this character this was updated was last year. Not really news.
  21. Updated. Now works properly even in 1.0/win. I kinda feel warm and fuzzy seeing him credit me in the def
  22. The problem is they tried to do a realistic style and suck at it. They should have done what they did for 3 and make it more comic/cartoon styled. Artstyle is better than raw graphics, so it at least would have looked better if stylized. They better keep the bloody log trap.
  23. Wait. Sheriff Woody has a last name?

    His full name is Woody Pride?


    Sounds like a euphemism