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  1. [Mugen_Char] New Update 代理人物【师匠-斯卡哈】(作者:红裙氏) Updated (on reddosukato's onedrive)!ALtQ-jZNvCj2RL4&id=E5195C5F369022BE!234&cid=E5195C5F369022BE To switch AI off, go to Scathacha_AI and and change Trigger14 to 0
  2. Sorta Touhou based. 1.1 only. Currently beta
  3. Heroine X Alter by Shey updated 8/7/17

    Updated, enhanced effects on supers
  4. Pseudo-GG playstyle (P,K, S,HS, with some custom stuff)
  5. Archer/Emiya by aka65535 updated 8/6/17

    General adjustments and addition of cutins
  6. Archer/Emiya by aka65535 updated 8/6/17

  7. Ness by ONess updated 8/5/17

    Playstyle heavily similar to Dylanius/Gladiacloud's Pokemon characters!AH3WC0FoGeDsknU&id=A5A6D569C949BFA9!161&cid=A5A6D569C949BFA9 MUGEN>Chars>Ness Changes: Shield color for 2P, changes to how the bat special works
  8. Ness by ONess updated 8/5/17

  9. Touhou Project Kokoro by Shey
  10. Currently at version 0.80 バベッジ!504&cid=C8E8765CC9C6845D
  11. Charles Babbage by Jaki updated 7/28/17

    Updated, new supers, and system mechanics
  12. Kemono Friends Cerulean Boss-Type by Zeta
  13. Free FX

    Probably needs a rehost
  15. Okita Souji/Sakura Saber by Bagilu updated 7/22/17

    Updated, added a config in okita_-2.cns
  16. Essentially Choujin style with a couple extra features like pursuit attacks and overcharging the meter. Update: He has one arm now
  17. Future Gohan by 280 updated 7/27/17

    Update, new supers
  18.!AFdsHY5aLekc6YE&cid=FCA890C0CC61310C&id=FCA890C0CC61310C!464&parId=FCA890C0CC61310C!105&o=OneUp Original character, uses two buttons and a shortcut for throws.
  19. Zenka

    Does the boss version have AI?
  20. Shirou Yusa by aka65535 [7/4/2017]

    Leave the nico link because the author likes to constantly just swap the link on his videos rather than just posting the updates on a separate site/twitter.
  21. Touhou Project

    Sendai Miko by hinnnyuuha updated. 7/3 (same link as already in list)
  22. Four main attack buttons, also has a homing dash among other mechanics Is currently in beta.
  23. Mazinger Zero by Barbatos!176&cid=93D1B8A3663AAFAB Only works in winmugen. Haphazard way of making it work in 1.0 and above: change every displaytoclipboard to null (or delete the whole things)