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  1. Alice Margatroid D4 by aka65535 released 11/12/17 (if yahoo link doesn't work check the nico link and click the third yahoo link, that's where it's being updated,video description is still accessible even without nico account)
  2. lol, right when I was making the thread too. She's great
  3. Jaguar (Kemono Fight) released by ZETA 10/16/17 4 buttons, lmh launcher
  4. Jaguar (Kemono Fight) updated by ZETA 10/22/17

    Updated, now has strikers MVC3 style kinda, 3 main buttons and launcher
  5. Avenger of Shinjuku/Hessian Lobo released by Minatomaru 10/22/17
  6. Jaguar (Kemono Fight) updated by ZETA 10/22/17

    Nope, not accurate at all. Actual game has one button combos/supers and such.
  8. Young Link by Arumikan released 3/18/17 Reposting because of the rollback!109 こどもリンク
  9. Kamen Rider Series

    Arumikan's Accel updated, now has Trial mode
  10. I think I recall seeing a faq about this in the old dead Mugen Infantry forums, but does anyone know the way to do this now?
  11. Note: To turn off AI, open Minori-AH3-09-Watch and set [State -3] type = varset trigger1 = RoundState = 2 && Alive && Ctrl && !var(59) trigger1 = p2name != "training" && p2name != "TRM Man" var(59) = 5 ;0~5で手動設定可能 var(59) to 0 Mugen Minori AH3
  12. Kadokawa fired Tatsuki, the director/writer behind the success of Kemono Friends.


    Japanese Twitter is comparing this to Kojima being fired from Konami

    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- N-N-NANI!!!??? Noooooooooooo!! T_T

    2. Rimu


      At the moment, 942,000 tweets with the hashtag たつき監督 (Tatsuki Director), and they don't stop showing up.

  13. Currently at version 0.90 バベッジ!504&cid=C8E8765CC9C6845D
  14. Charles Babbage by Jaki updated 9/29/17

    updated, AI patch within character folder itself, check inside AIパッチ and paste the contents to main folder
  15. Remember that time Sonic went to a Hooters?



    1. RMaster007



  16. Godzillen, but pretty much based on Shin Godzilla. Is extremely slow and heavy, and rather damaging, but attacks drain heat, and she completely freezes up if fully cooled down. She can also use supers that damage herself (representing the weapons used on Godzilla) to regain her heat more quickly.!107&cid=6FD998403B188C3E
  18. Essentially Choujin style with a couple extra features like pursuit attacks and overcharging the meter. Update: He has one arm now
  19. AI added
  20.!AKVDZR-qD0Sja38&id=CF5B98401B907547!115&cid=CF5B98401B907547 It's a Geese with silly moves, nuff said.
  21. Rashou Mon by KazeSayuru updated 8/28/17

  22. Future Gohan by 280 updated 8/24/17

  23. Four main attack buttons, also has a homing dash among other mechanics