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  1. MUGEN Competition #23 - Athena vs Rose
  2. Thanks gui0007, your vid great too. Both of us :)
  3. MUGEN Competition #22 - Chun-Li vs Ryo
  4. Zhe Prime (DivineWolf style) by Hairline733 PREVIEW DOWNLOAD Link: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/zhe-prime-179340.0.html DETAIL <Normal> .Throws: .Minegumo: F + y (Throw Forward) .Murakumo: F + b (Throw Backward) .Yukikaze: F + z (Knockdown, Chain From Normals) <SPECIAL> .Chisou Katame: D, DF, F, + any punch .Chisou Katame(EX): D, DF, F, + any 2 punches (Knockdown) .Taikuu Katame: F, D, DF, + any punch .Taikuu Katame(EX): F, D, DF, + any 2 punches (Sends Opponent in the air) .Noboru Tsuke: F, D, DF, + any kick .Noboru Tsuke(EX): F, D, DF, + any 2 kicks (Hard Knockdown, Ender) .Kyoushou Katame: D, DB, B, + any kick .Kyoushou Katame(EX): D, DB, B, + any 2 kicks (Hard Stun) <SUPER> .Senkou Katame(MAX): D, DF, F(x2), + any punch .Kakusan Katame(MAX): D, DF, F(x2), + any kick .Asashin No Ishi(MAX): DB, DF, + any kick <LV2 SUPER> .Kaiten Katatokkan: D, DB, B(x2), + any 2 punches <LV3 SUPERS> .Saishuu Katame: D, DB, B,(x2) + Medium Punch + Medium Kick
  5. MUGEN Competition #21: Team Battle - Marvel Team (Wolverine & Psylocke) vs KoF Team (Kyo & Benimaru)
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  8. MUGEN Competition #18: Turn Battle Team SF (Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Akuma) vs Team KoF (Kyo, Mai, Ryo, Iori)
  9. Hi guys, The Juggernaut (Divinewolf style) now has AI patch. Behold the powerful beast, nothing can stop the Juggernaut! Preview: Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/p6mkl42zld2qvdt/AI_Patch_Victorys_Juggernaut.rar Detail: - Add AI Power Charge - Add AI Max Mode - Add AI Parry - Add AI Jumping - Add AI Zero Counter - Juggernaut can combo with Headcrush - Juggernaut will often use Juggernaut Smash to throw a very close opponent - Using EX Juggy Punch to attack projectile spammers suddently - Using Earthquake and Double Fist for long range attack but he will use them less when his life below half. - Using Strong Punch, Strong Kick and Crouching Strong Punch for anti-air - Using Forward Roll for dodging a projectile Comments and feedback are welcome. Enjoy!
  10. MUGEN Competition #17 - Juggernaut vs Wolverine
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  12. MUGEN Competition #15: Mai Shiranui vs Morrigan Aensland
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  14. Divinewolf style Yoko by Cruz (edited from Warusaki3) PREVIEW DOWNLOAD Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3n67uaxawe4cn9p/Yoko.rar DETAIL <Normal> .Suramu: F/B + 2p (near opponent) .Keru: F/B + 2k (near opponent) .Step Low Kick: F + b .Mall Crush: F + y .Assault Kick: F + c <SPECIAL> .Rasen-ryoku Appa (EX): D, DF, F, p .Littner Strike (EX): D, DF, F, k .Yameru: x .Tenkai Kaihi: y .Kinkyu Kaihi: z .Ro: a .Haimen'uchi: hold F, p (On hit or block) .Midoru: b .Shomen Uchi: hold U, p (On hit or block) .Hai: c .Shomen Uchi: hold U, p (On hit or block) .Sakasa Uchi: hold UF, p (On hit or block) .Sunaipuea (EX): F, D, DF, k .Ya: x, x, x .Dengeki: y .Kaen Hosha: z .Air Littner Strike: k .Air Littner Strike (EX): D, DF, F, k (Air) .Shomen Uchi: hold U, p (On hit or block) .Sakasa Uchi: hold UF, p (On hit or block) .Simon! (EX): D, D, k .Kamina! (EX): F, DF, D, DB, B, F, p <SUPER> .Giza! Rasen-ryoku Appa (MAX): D, DF, F, D, DF, F, p .Giza! Rasen-ryoku Kikku (MAX): D, DF, F, D, DF, F, k (Air) .Littner Overdrive (MAX): D, DF, F, D, DF, F, k <LV3 SUPER> .Ore-tachi muteki no Guren-dan!: F, DF, D, DB, B, F, DF, D, DB, B, 2k