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  1. The Scientist - Coldplay
  2. @GarchompMatt Excellent matee you relocate all BGM looping music in your site that's ammmmmmmmmmmazing and thanks ....well as usual my request and this one matee....
  3. This is special episode that covers the secret birth of Night Raider member Shiori that didn't air during the television series....
  4. alternate episode version of Ultraman Nexus - This episode takes each character scene in episode 29, a new battle scene, additional footage and drastically re- organizes it. This is the D.C (Director's Cut).
  5. @Ryoucchi Thank you Ryoucchi -san your awesomesauce matee..... anyways here's my another request if you have time 1. Chizuru Kagura - 2. Foxy -\chars\game\foxy_kof-497.png 3. Hikaru Shidou (Mahou Kishin Rayearth) -
  6. This theme fits for a final dungeon boss that takes place in Egyptian or Mayan temple.
  7. @GarchompMatt Done I replace a new one matee.....
  8. ROCKY BALBOA Deleted scene (very sad) Rocky and Paulie are saddened by Adrian's passing. Paulie has a breakdown over losing his job of 31 years.
  9. @GarchompMatt Oh I see, So it needs long time to update OP . So again as always my request and this one...
  10. This is a alternate scene version of Rocky V, this scene was supposed to be intended.
  11. Happy B-day matee and wish you a good health :th_091_:

    1. Infinite Kyo

      Infinite Kyo

      thank you! :)

  12. @GarchompMatt Thank you for granted my request and did you update in your 1st post all BGM loop you make!?....Anyways as usual my request matee and this one....
  13. Final Fantasy VI T-Edition OST #105: RS1 Horrible Shadow