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  1. That bug across my screen freaking me the hell out, i almost slapped my TV. Nice one...Nice one...

  2. Purfect! And anytime : )
  3. I found this the other day on your Youtube Channel. LOVE IT! I might make this my main SP :D Its sleek, elegant but simple at the same time and i LOVE the port design! I don't use localcoord on my chars however so i changed the port values to 0.25 in the System and Fight.def's so i can use my roster. I've made a few complete ports, they take a while to make due to the shadow effect behind the characters and the Feathering, took me a while to find the correct value for the feathering. AWESOME job! : D Edit: Idk if this is because i edited the port scaling, but whenever i go to the 2nd row, the ports are slightly up and so is the curser, and it gets worse the farther down i go in each row. Edit: Nope, this is definately a bug with default. Right out the box. Installed a fresh copy, and the ports and curser/select are misaligned.
  4. So i want to use the DBFC HDN VII Lifebars by DartPie, i used to use them in the past but stopped. The problem i have with them...are the round animations. Their kinda...bad...not to mention misaligned. I want to use the round animations from another Lifebar i have, is there a way i can replace them?
  5. They play quite differently then IQS's older chars. Alot different actually. No more 2nd Awakening Stages, and their Ults are alot less flashy. They can no longer infi spam attacks and most of their base combo's are tied to 1 button just pressing it repeatedly. This applies to all of them except 2 or 3 of them. But their alot of fun once u get used to the new style. I hope so. I really hope so.
  6. OH MY GOD YES!!! FINALLY!! IQS IS BACK!! :D Ryougiiiiii~~~~
  7. Idk what this even is. A Character? a Stage? Because that video shows nothing but a stage by Ex and a Hyde ive never seen before. When someone releases something called "Base", its confusing. I thought it was a stage set in a military base or something.
  8. Download Link Name is broken, doesn't link to anything.
  9. I love your creations Ryon and i appreciate the source accuracy, only thing that gets me is when Goku + Vegeta do their Beam Supers they attack upwards, making them almost completely useless unless your opponents jump and you time it correctly. Gunna definately give this a try though, not too many good EB Cells lying around.
  10. YES!! Nice Collection, i loved the VN's. I just wish Shirokuma did more characters like Aselia. So far he's my favorite creator when it comes to these types of characters.
  11. So i put him in, used the patch you provided to remove his AI and Super Armor, and i get this error when using him.
  12. Yea i saw those shortly after i posted this : P
  13. Omg a PSO2 stage in Mugen...thats the 2nd one i believe. SO GLAD to see Las Vegas in Mugen now. I love the new zone.
  14. How come i can't see whats in the News Section anymore?

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    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      lol, I made that thread when I first became an admin.  There was nothing in it because it's still 2016.  I deleted the board when I was restructuring because it was empty, and kinda pointless because it's still 2016.

      All of the 2016 news is on the actual news board.  2015 is the most recent archived year.

    3. Ryoucchi


      ...but where? i cant find anything from 2016. please check again

    4. RobotMonkeyHæd
  15. Anyone know whats changed? I tested her out and noticed no differences really between the other version and this. Compared to the last update where she had new moves, i've noticed nothing new.