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  1. honestly i have no idea why did i make a fanfiction of some series?


    1. Glorious Showoff

      Glorious Showoff

      I guess you wanted to show off your creativity?

  2. Wargame's Sengoku Army MUGEN Videos

    another sword battle!
  3. Wargame's Sengoku Army MUGEN Videos

    another sword battle!
  4. Wargame's Sengoku Army MUGEN Videos

    another sword battle!
  5. Wargame's Sengoku Army MUGEN Videos

    another sword battle!
  6. New Job Openings

    honestly G-mod position shouldn't be ask freely since we dont know what kind of outcome the moment you pick that person since we had 2 possible results wise G-mod or a idiot G-mod. well to be one of em required good reputation and knows how use that position very well about the Social Experts how this useful honestly? (since the facebook of MFFA is pretty much dead or fucked up for some reasons)

    well about that if quality of your works is good i can guess i cant argue with that but lets see if the others how they judge you on that i cant say about your works since i haven't tried them yet
  8. Wargame's Sengoku Army MUGEN Videos

    a friend or a trash friend?!
  9. Ono Kohaku by Mariru updated 7/20/17

    her ai is capable to beat sonfu's senna and kunagi gawd..
  10. will try this guy soon when i have time
  11. i dunno why the imbecile has that silly 2 weeks ban honestly its not enough he been done that more than thrice as i remember.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Laharl


      plz stop wargame staff took care of the issue no need to escalate it.

    3. Алексей


      It's pretty clear who you were referring to. We have protocol that we follow. Only extreme cases are treated otherwise. His was not.

    4. Hyoudou Issei

      Hyoudou Issei

      i see very well then

  12. waiting for the subs of Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger (dont call it power rangers you POS its Super Sentai)

    1. Ryoucchi


      Power Rangers Super Space Steel Balls

    2. Artoria Alter

      Artoria Alter

      They're already out

    3. Hyoudou Issei
  13. Worst Mugen Character(s)

    you and i are the same DF honestly i prefer no ai yet well made character than great ai but terrible made character you cant judge a good character base on AI because its stupid to judge such thing
  14. Wargame's Sengoku Army MUGEN Videos

    another sword fight!
  15. Worst Mugen Character(s)

    googoo64 craps ax craps anything release from MMV craps what else i should add?