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  1. Fighting le guitarist
  2. i might be late but i say belated HBD bro



    now fix those collection threads :v

  3. First Gameplay of Yuuki Kono
  4. using one of maruhen odd characters
  5. First vid of 2017
  6. ryou i suggest put a diff color for decent/nicely made works (for those who cared about quality)

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    2. Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      The Trap Queen has spoken. Let us all bow.

    3. GarchompMatt


      I fully disagree with outright stating whether a version is good or bad because that's entirely the opinion of the collection master, which may differ from the opinions of other people; it all comes down to one's own preferences and/or quality standards.

    4. Ryoucchi


      i only marks as bad when it's obviously bad. You know what i mean.

  7. Numbah wan Numbah wan NUMBAH WAN!!:awesome

    1. Dissonance™



  8. First Gameplay of Kuroyukihime
  9. as i said they 3/4 of those active users are most likely to get characters yea sure many members online yet.... i cant say.... guild cared about quality while MA is quantity even how bad/terribly made yet get blind praises (similar to vol's forum) you cant be serious right? actually it all started when flowrillik got kicked asking about that adfly issue (flow doesn't like adfly as we do since we use adblock) since most of the people dont like adfly as hell and yes i got a malware long ago that forced me to reformat the computer as i said in the previous post why making money of someone else work they dont own (as i contributor i never ask to pay my stuffs and i found it a dick move to my fellow contributors) even they store it yea sure the spriters commissioned their sprites for money but the author decided to release it for free for example MR.KarateJKA's Kairi and Seanatly's Jin Kazama has been sprited by 1 person CVSNB the abstract those authors pay for that sprite as the payer they can decide release in private or public yet decide to made in public in other works its free so people can do anything for those sprites if they add something on their own thats was their decision as long they credited the spriter what kind of werehousing is that for fuck sake i never experience those shit even in my early days at mugen the authors/creators didn't ask for payment since M.U.G.E.N is god damn Freeware for god sake dont say anything BS that they need money to keep their so called warehouse alive the moment he/she create the forum he/she should pay it without forcing them some of the forums such as this can accept donation if they want to keep the forum alive with out forcing them by using that adfly
  10. indeed not even a quarter of it perhaps since people goes to MA for char dling reasons even thou they hate le adfly to the core unlike in guild since they have many threads so people can post mugen/non-mugen content and we have everything we need including the tutorials one of them teach me how to make my own stages the way i liked and see many promising on the project thread
  11. rare char but cheap gameplay meh not worth to get
  12. eh shizuo i swear that one is a 1.1 exclusive yet those pervs dared to edit them adding those silly attacks as i said earlier its not worth to share them since they not different from the original they just edit add lewd stuffs not worth to mention
  13. nsfw of those two whats their gameplay if the edits base on existing creation of those 2 mentioned i think its not worth
  14. oh really MFG a ghost town within the few months? no purpose? lol it seems you never visit there many times... its been alive as hell everyday we receive news on the project thread how far they did go on their work since guild members and some several leechers care about char quality and there's does exist? thread since several people ask for this XXX char and where to find them.. about chucho well you know his works always half assed yet he completed only once about the sprite issue well he stole stole some of those sprites without the permission like he did to asuka well i cant count how many times he did this one of the reasons one of the sprite maker went to hiatus or quit without asking the spriter permission basically he stole those sprites which is incomplete then he just adding it when its done he didn't credit the guy who made that sprite which is a total disrespect for sprite maker and most of the people in guild cared the quality not quantity expect harsh review and several of it became helpful since it happens to other users who got harsh review of their work and they make a good work it they receive good criticism from them but chucho he didn't listen any of those thats why his work is bad honestly about the mods i have no issues with them maybe only you has issue and besides they judge how low/bad did you do since they have a thread how big/small punishment about DBZ again ofc they want it to be good not worse since Balthazar is the guy making the sprites you cant rush him for that BS reason yea sure EB sprites were good yet they stiff so several sprites so the sprite make decided to add sprites that fits to them whats missing to make it a very much better work to anyone willing to do since not all DBZ char makers are good since several works are bad/terrible creations til now why hating that guild that much? (aside MFG is my 2nd home when MI died then MFFA is my official 3rd place to stay i only comment at guild when its needed or releasing my works)
  15. Really?! I loled a few months? you cant be serious about that bro MFG is very far from dying unlike other one is a brink of collapsing guild is nothing special, nothing useful and bland forum? humor me kid im been in the guild more than 6yrs (well if you act like a shit in guild ofc they act a little bit aggressive yet they have tolerant to rude imbeciles like you lol) i wont gonna lie the database is outdated before several official sites went down on the japanese sites Dont you ever compare hyper DBZ to those several failed products bazillions is that a really a number? im telling you some of them are worth of DBZ characters maker is worth to mention like Choujin several people cared about that project unlike those incomplete/cheap/op shit works they making a god damn balance unlike those craps you imbecile how lowlife maybe you dude atleast in guild they accept donations they not forcing them unlike the other site needs a malicious adfly to make cash out of em yet for god damn you cant make cash on the other people works they didn't make MUGEN is a god damn Freeware not for cash making content.