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  1. New here :)

    New here, I like KOF but not a decent player, and female fighters are my favorite things. And the "Toggle View" button is important to me when I make posts, those who had tragic experience in post loss would understand. Hope someone can help me out with finding the "Toggle View" button.
  2. I tried to find the text box button for that and didn't see any. Oh I meant the "toggle view" button.
  3. ~ Share Funny Pics, Gifs and Vids

  4. Current Mugen communities (International)

    Thank you for posting this! That looks like a good place for my KOF mugen need, in addition to the mffa's great KOF collection.
  5. Does this Exist whos the author of this creation

    I just saw a Luong in MFFAWN #18, does this exist for now and who made her, please?
  6. MFFAWN #18 (Aug 13-19, 2017) - Return of the Faun

    I love this THE FAWN idea! Hey isn't that a Luong? Time to make a request!
  7. The King of Fighters 20 XX

    KOF 20XX, this is quite an interesting collection. I hope more unused sprites to be converted to mugen.
  8. Hey congratulations on your MUGEN LEAGUE launch! I just watched your KOFRIVALS video and you guys are making a KOF14 Shun`ei, it is a very good news!
  9. Yurin by Sakuraka [8/19/2017]

    Nice one, she is from a doujin Rage About, and LOL'd at her small portrait.