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  1. Character-specific win quotes not working

    I also had this problem and was only solved when I wrote "MugenVersion = 1.0" in def file (overwriting the previous mugen version of char) as Toshio Tenma explained.
  2. Hello! I'm Wild Ram!

    Hello! I'm Wild Ram! Hello everybody! I'm an old guy fan of 2D sprite based fighting games. I had the lucky to play these games in arcades during the golden age of 90's. Mugen is an accomplished dream for me, where I can remember those old times is its total resplendence. And still there are new things to discover! I'm here for leech (hih,hih,hih), ehr, contribute when possible with this community. Thanks all the owners and administrators of this foruns, because the opportunity to participate of it. Good fortune for all!