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  1. Yukari Gap stage original create by DAREKA Is a simple mini-edition of a stage that is no longer available. Just add music and edit engrish, Although maybe edit yukari and portal, If you have another suggestion let me know and update it Interesting fact There is another version, It is much rarer and harder to find, If anyone finds it, let me know Description A completely black stage,Tel background has several eyes and wind waves (?) Yukari is in the center watching the battle. screenshots Download http://gamebanana.com/maps/193360
  2. Thank you Most likely you have read an old version.
  3. The file looks like it has been deleted (Yukkuri Bonus Game: I.M.R.F)
  4. Typical of minoo, of a character rather well done aesthetically. Although I think AI can be improved.
  5. KOF'99 - church (Treey Stage) I originally intended to create a collection, but I do not have enough stages to do that (or so I think) Where did you get this? This scenario comes from The King of Fighter 99, A pirate game for sega genesis, I was able to create this scenario thanks to the emulator Gens, description A symmetric stage, Possibly a closed room, Full of gold details, Some windows on top, And a blue carpet with the phrase "KOF'99" Because a pirate game and not a famous one? Many people came before me, And they have a lot of talent, and already they created several times famous stages. I did not see anyone who posted a stage of a pirate game. I'm not very talented, and this stage seemed easy to recreate, In addition, to be the first (or so I think) I am quite happy with the results, Although it may be possible to improve. KOF 98 vs KOF 99 was one of the first games to play is a real sega genesis, And I have good memories of him, so I make it compact so people can enjoy it Trivia This scenario is recycled from the game King of Fighter 98 With minor changes (Created by the same company) In both cases this scenario was stolen, comes from Fatal Fury (stage from W.Krauser) The song has a strange resemblance to terra theme - Final Fantasy. screenshot download http://gamebanana.com/maps/193224
  6. hello i'm ezequiel-TM & question As the title says, I am Ezequiel-TM Maybe you know me for my infamous stages, ported from pirate games to sega genesis. I just have one question, Can I use the site GameBanana to share my files? The doubt I owe it to this. http://mugenfreeforall.com/guidelines/ After all it is not blacklisted that pages can not be used to share files I also wanted to know the right place to upload my stages to the site