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  1. Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2v2 (US)

    The Brawlhalla Spring Championship is finally here! A huge Brawlhalla Circuit event with $10,000 in prizes! The event includes four online tournaments: 1v1 & 2v2 for both US & EU regions. This is an SS Tier event in the Brawlhalla Circuit, worth 1378 Circuit Points. Circuit Points are used to determine who from each region will secure their place in the Brawlhalla World Championship, a huge physical event in Atlanta, GA coming November 2017.
  2. The tournament that me and my brother are entering is also livestreaming at 12 pm on Sunday the 14th.

    Feel free to watch.

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      If you want to notify people on the front page, you can always use the calendar in the top nav bar.  Creating a new event is as easy as making a new post, just click add new event, or the '+' sign.  
      The calendar has a front page notification block just about the fawn, below birthdays, called "Upcoming Events'.  It's there for the sole purpose of giving people who are going to live stream a way to notify everyone else that they're doing so.

      You also have the option of live streaming it in the [ LIVE GAMING ] sub-forum on the site.  You can stream any live gaming there you want really, and notify people using the calendar to get an audience.  It'll notify up to a week in advance.

      Not saying any of this is necessary, just making sure you know what options are available, seeing as how they're all pretty new :)

    2. Sinjik


      Thanks for the info.

  3. So, my brother and I are entering the Brawlhalla Spring Tournament doubles on the 13th.  And since this is my first tournament, I kinda feel funny.  Then again, i think im prepared.  Some what.

    1. Sinjik


      Ooops.  I meant the 14th