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  1. Attack is at 1:38
  2. (had to put it in a form of a link, might go slow for a bit but will soon go at normal pace)
  3. Seth then charges forward to the Iblis to start atacking the Iblis
  4. Heh, finally. I was getting kinda bored of this thing being frozen.
  5. Blown back from the shockwave, Seth manages to get back up a little. Dammit. It's back up again.
  6. Happy Birth Day~!

  7. my #1 question since you seem to be an awesome RPer;


    do you have a Discord account, mate?

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    2. NijikakuFan61


      hmm, when you do make a Discord account, think you could tell me your name and your 4-digit ID on it, mate? maybe VIA a private message?

    3. Sinjik
    4. NijikakuFan61
  8. Oh well, mind as well keep stabing it in its head.
  9. Awww, so the iced area wasn't a good idea after all.
  10. Happy Birthday♫