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  1. Bigsally

    [STAGE] Sushi Buffet by CoolAnimeHustler

    Now thats What I called a Japanies/Chinese Stage Where U can Pratice all your Kung Fu and Hadoken all in one and eat a Hotdog all At The Same Time. Good Job CoolAnimeHustler on The Stage
  2. Bigsally

    [STAGE] Relaxing Private Bath by CoolAnimeHustler

    Now thats What I call A Stage That Makes U wanna Take A bath Shower or just sit in the tub and Relax. See I will be in a tub eating a hot dog and just relaxing in the water enjoying my bath. Good Job Cool Anime Hustler Keep Up The Good Work
  3. Why Dont MFFA Just Keep It Blacklisted and Upload All The Characters From Mugen Archives To MFFA in Your Own Links And U Wouldent Need That Krazy limited Character Download Mugen Archives Site Anymore. MAKE Mugen Free For all #1 The BOSS
  4. Now This Is What i Call A Major Tv Sale. This Stage Makes Me Wanna Go To This Place Walk in With A Hot Dog A Drpepper And Just Shop Looking for A TV I Could Use To Play my Old Videogames On . Verrrrry Good Job CoolAnimeHustler On This Stage Nice Work. Behind Those Tvs In That Dark spot To The Right Where That Guy is holding a Thunbs Up its Me Eating a Hot Dog Fries And Drinking DrPepper Watching The Fight LOL.
  5. Pancakes & HotDogs

  6. Bigsally

    [STAGE] Evergreen Training Spot by CoolAnimeHustler

    This Stage reminds Me of The Ryu VS Bison fight in Streetfighter Alpha this Time It Has A Lake in the background With trees and Mountains Now Thats Superrrr. Makes U wanna Just Go Out Camping Enjoy The air breeze Slouch back In a Fold over Chair and eat a Hot Dog I Made Barb Q Style No electric Just The Great Outdoors. Good Job CoolAnimeHustler Its A Supreme Supper HOt Stage
  7. Bigsally

    [STAGE] Prime Candy Real Estate by CoolAnimeHustler

    Ohh Boy A Candy stage Hansel & Gretel Style If It was me I would eat the Whole House And not Even Know that I was eating myself out of House & Home Of Course If I Was cooking Myself A Hotdog The House Would be Hot Candy melting Down on me LOL Spectacular Stage CoolAnimeHustler Verry Eatable Stage
  8. Now Thats a Unique Fighting Stage To Fight In This is Gonna Be One Hot Fight. Seeing Those 2 Boyz In Action Giving All They Have To Win The Battle. Nice Arena Im Somewhat in the BackGround in The Stands Sitting Eating A Hot Dog, Corndog,Fries,and Drinking A Mountain Dew LOL BTW Good Job CoolAnimeHustler Its A Verry Terrific Awesome Stage .
  9. PeanutsĀ 

  10. Bigsally

    Flower Drunk Girls (Released 06/05/2018)

    Now That What I Call Mugen In Drunk Drunken Style I Wonder What Do They Eat While They Are Drunk Hmmm Corn Dogs ,Cheese,Hot Dogs,More Cheese,And Some Candy LOL Good JOb MoloMowChow That ONe Krazy Kool Characters.
  11. Pizza Hotdogs Corndogs French Fries Ham & Cheese Sandwiches And Cheese Cakes

  12. Hooooooo Weeeee Now That one HOT STAGE I Mean HOT From The Looks Of That Sun Back It Looks Like Its Hot Enough U Can Cook Myself A Corn dog U better Take Some Water With U When U Going Into This Stage LOL Awsome JOb CoolAnimeHustler IN Making This Stage Keep Up The GOOD work.
  13. oooo yeah Now Time To Kick Some A$$ Time Its Time To See Who's The Trainer And Who's The Teacher ( The Master) This is Gonna be Good i Will Just site back And Eat A Corndog and Watch The Fight drinking A Nice Glass Of Soda Pop Dr Pepper and Wait and See Whos gonna be the Winner In This Fight LOL BTW Good Stage CoolAnimeHuster Keep Up The Good Work
  14. Bigsally

    [STAGE] Isolated Hotel Floor by CoolAnimeHustler

    Yeah Cheesy One Liners Sodom: Guile I Will Get Rid Of U Quick Doing It With Pride For The Mad Gear Gang U Flat Top Punk. Guile : IF I have To Go Through U Sodom To Get To Bison Than So BE IT SONIC BOOM. LOL
  15. Time Slaughter Val The Impaler He Was The Orginal Dracula In The 1500 AD The Game Enjoy