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  1. Streets of Candor Hinamori: ...Ah! With the guidance of the spirits, she managed to find Nemesis, saying a silent thank you to her invisible companions as she heads towards her direction. Hinamori: There you are Miss Nemesis. I've been looking for you. The others have arrived at the hangout. Hinamori: Yui was also worried about you. @A person
  2. Yui: Whaaaaaaaaaa- Ryuko: My thoughts exactly! Etomo: I haven't seen anything like this before. Yui: Hey Hughie, doesn't this place reminds you of the Undergroun- Almost like an instant, Hugh covered Yui's mouth and dragged her near a wall. Then, started to whisper to her. Hugh: Didn't you brother told us to keep that place a secret. Yui: *nodding* MMFFMMMFFF! Hugh: Geez...You need to need to be more careful when you're impressed with something... He uncovers her mouth, of course, that act earned the glare of some people. Etomo: What just... Yui: Military Secret! Etomo: Okay then... Jude: Me and my friends would like to register as well.
  3. Hinamori: I'll do it instead. Yui: Oh yeah, Hina can talk with spirits right? Hinamori: *nods* They'll guide me to her location. I'll be back soon. Yui: Good Luck! Then, Hinamori leaves the group in order to search for Nemesis. Jude: Ok then, If you say so. Yui: ...Me too. Then, both Jude and Yui enters the Hangout.
  4. Jude: I see. Thanks for sending her to help us. Ryuko: Sounds like a plan! Let's go in. Etomo: (A bit of workout will keep her busy.) Ludger: We're going in too Elle. Elle: Okay. Blue Guy, you too. Hugh: Fine... Hinamori: You're coming too Doctor Mathis? Jude: I assume we're going to discuss our current situation, so I'll join you guys later. Hinamori: I see. Yui, are you coming too? Yui: In a bit...Huh? I'm not seeing Nemmy around.
  5. Yui: Ah! There's Mister Lighty and Sir Knightley! Hi there~! Ludger: We were wondering were you might've been. That's a cool look. Ryuko: Lightflare and Darkflare...Those names sounds like titles they've earned. I wonder what's the story between these two. Etomo: Maybe you're just thinking too much about it. Jude: Darkflare...Flare. Are you perhaps that "Flare-sama" that Hisui mentioned before?
  6. Hugn: Sparring partners? Are you here to pick up a fight with us or something? Yui noticed something slightly familiar about him. Yui: Eh? You're... But after a closer look, she noticed the hair color was different. Hinamori: What's wrong? Yui: No...for a moment, I thought he was Mister Genjuro. Ryuko: That guy from your story huh? Do they really look alike? Yui: Well...I guess they do. Maybe he's strong as well. Etomo: He does look tough. I can tell you that much. Yui: Hi there Riva. Nice to meet you!
  7. @Tony Redgrave @OxyontheWolf @Agni Blackheart While still blaming herself for putting Hugh in a bad mood, she decided to leave him be for now and greet the people who were arriving. Yui: Oh...Hello again guys. Hinamori: Welcome back. Ryuko: That cozy crowded feeling is coming back again. Etomo: That's a thing you have? Yui: Just a few more and I guess we'll be ready to enter. Meanwhile Hugh: ... Elle: Hey! Blue Guy! Hugh: What is it? Elle: What got you so upset all of a sudden? Hugh: I don't want to talk about it. Elle: C'mon! You can tell me. I can keep secrets. Hugh: Grrrr.... Hugh couldn't bring himself to scream at Elle, so he decided to give him. Hugh: I don't have fond memories of my father...actually, I don't have much memories of him AT ALL! He's a jerk, that's all you need to know. Elle: I thought all daddies were supposed to be nice guys. Hugh: But mine isn't...That's all there is too it. Elle: I see...Okay then, I won't tell anyone that your daddy is a big doo doo. It looks too embarassing for anyone to know. Must be tough to have a daddy that you can't brag about. Hugh smiled wryly. Elle's innocence had lifted his mood a bit. He took a deep breath, thinking of a way to apologize to Yui since knew she mentioned his father by accident, but then... Hugh: Huh? What do you mean by that? Elle: Who's that weirdo?
  8. Warrior's Hangout - Entrance During the search for Mirfah, Yui and Ludger's Group still kept going and eventually reached the Warrior's Hangout, but, on Yui's insistence, they decided to wait for the others. Ryuko: Geez...Can we enter already? We've been waiting for a while now. Yui: Now, now, Ryuka. Good girls should be polite and wait Ryuko: Um...It's Ryuko... Hugh: Heh! Ryuko: Don't "heh" me! Etomo: It's what you get for nicknaming everyone. Ryuko: But she's mispelling my name, that's different! Yui: You think so? I think Ryuka sounds cuter! Ryuko: But I'm a tough girl...Isn't that right Looger? Ludger: Don't ask me. Hugh: Of course Luds wouldn't take your side. Yui: Anyway, If you behave, I'll have Lugie here make you some delicious meal. Ryuko: AS YOU COMMAND!!! Etomo: I would rather not spoil her with food, but just this once I guess. Yui: Guys! I just thought of something! To pass the time, how about I talk about a friend that I have back in my city? Elle: Oh! I like stories! Yui: Okay then! We met one day when school was over for the day and... Flashback: The Prideful Storm Yui: And he did it without using magic. Hugh: Wait wait wait wait! Are you telling me that a normal guy managed to punch a magic blast away without using it? Ancestor Magic is known to cause internal damage on normal humans If they aren't well protected...are you sure you're not making this up? Yui: I was there Hugie. It was too real...You know I wouldn't lie. Hugh: It sounded all too belieavable until that part. Yui: Now that I think about it...I think your daddy can do something similar, right? Hugh: ... Yui: Whoops! Hugh turned his back and walked some steps away from the group. Ryuko: What's gotten into him all of a sudden? Yui: I pressed a button I shouldn't have...
  9. ((Deleted my previous post, because Mirfah's situation was dealt with a single punch, and sending Yui there would be just wasting time.)) Yomi's Side - Streets of Candor
  10. Yomi's Side - Streets of Candor City
  11. Yomi: Well now...I guess I'll go "sightseeing" too. Hugh: Eh? Yomi: That was my plan from the start. Don't worry, I won't go pick any unecesary fights and I won't head northwest. Yui: I see...Have fun Yo-Yo Mi! Hugh: Do your thing and whatever...don't forget to bring a map. Yomi: I will. Yui: Well, I believe the rest of us wants to head to this Warrior's Hangout as well right? Hinamori: *nods* Ludger: Sure! Yui: Okay then...Let's go! Yui and Ludger's group joined Nemesis and signalled the bus while Yomi goes to a random direction. Yomi: (Well then...Assuming neither of them was captured by this unknown force, the only place Seila Lilly Yellow and Julius Will Kresnik would be able to hide in this city without being bothered by bounty hunters is at northwest...Of course, I'm not going there and this is just a baseless hunch.) Yomi: (Oh yeah, I should compare notes with those two who decided to explore the area as well when I'm done.)
  12. Jude: It's just an assumption, but if she's leaving us here, it means that the guards might know about us. Maybe we should mention her name to them.
  13. Ludger and Elle: What? Yui: Woah! Isn't this like...bigger than our city? Hugh: How the hell did we miss something like this? No...more like, how the hell didn't we knew about this place before? Yomi: I'll confess I'm a bit surprised. Jude: Heheh. Ryuko: Why do you look so calm? That seriously creeps me out! Jude: Sorry...It's just that I'm reminded of the time I first arrived at Trigleph. Etomo: Try-what now? Jude: I'll explain later. Hinamori: ... Ludger: (Is Julius really in here? Did he knew about this place before?)
  14. ((Well, I guess I'll write some "skits" while the group walks toward the city.)) Track: Wanderers, Look Up at the Sky Skit: Jude's Kindness Skit: Stupid-o-meter flaring up again Skit: Hinamori's Quieteness