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  1. Yo Hey!!! Videos arrived!!!



  2. Have you guys noticed that I've been releasing a lot of special editions lately?
  3. Ken this edition of videos contain a Ken?



  4. From now on, we Ken do it!!! Rick has some...issues + Illegal Triple Tatsumaki followed by a Shinryuken Fighting another Descolor character. Sure you can!
  5. This edition contains some returning faces.



  6. One from yesterday and three from today!
  7. Oh hey, it's Sonic the Hedgefox!
  8. In the day where memes are danker than usual, I post videos



  9. Some blazing videos mate!
  10. They here are, videos



  11. Videos, here they are! Skipping the Coccon phase because fuck that phase This video is brought you by the Final Cancer Science doing bizarre shit!
  12. Just a few today