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  1. Anyone know what exactly has been updated and if older english patches will work? A lot of Warner's stuff has been highly edited over the years so it'd be interesting to know if his updates are any better than some of the edits that have been made. Plus spanish voices for these characters is pretty much impossible for me to deal's really too bad Warner doesn't release alt english sound patches, these voices are just too iconic for me to deal with in another language. Guess we wait now for someone to make some sound patches...
  2. Looks awesome, but it seriously needs some animations, especially to be one of your "Ultimate" stages. I know people said it on the guild already, but I totally agree. Must say your work with layering the backgrounds/deltas has been really good in the latest releases, to me that's what makes stages awesome the added depth effect and it's tough to get just right. This latest round of ultimate stages has been really killer with their sense of depth and proper parallax. Good stuff! Now add some animations ;)
  3. Yeah dude I'll totally check out anything you put up. I'm just glad you were receptive to the feedback, sometimes I'm apprehensive to say critical things because people can take it the wrong way and not be super receptive. But I'm happy it helped. I'll definitely be down to check out your progress, there is so much you can do with Superman and I'd love to see this be great.
  4. The heat vision doesn't look very good. Some of the other supermans out there have much better fx for it, I would either use those fx or find even BETTER fx. Also check out Loganir's Cyclops optic blasts those look fantastic as well. I guess the thing is if you're gonna make ANOTHER superman it should be better and look better and do more stuff than the ones already out there. But that's just my opinion. Also his forward and backward movement seem...stiff. I get that he's floating but his body is completely still so it just looks like a single sprite floating back and forth and becomes very disjointed from all the other more fluid movements. Making characters float is tough because you end up with this problem, you can ignore it, but I find it distracting. Also his hits don't seem to have a lot of "weight" behind them. If you check out the latest version of superman by prospectone his hits LOOK powerful, they have weight, impact and momentum. I know that's a hard thing to get right in mugen, but of all characters Superman needs to look and feel powerful and impactful. I would love to see some new really creative yet VERY Superman-esque moves. No reason to completely reinvent the wheel when there are so many Supermans already, take the best stuff and make it better.
  5. Looks really cool, nice to finally have a decent Dr. Manhatten in mugen. Does he have AI? I love your characters, but they never have AI and no one ever seems to make AI patches for any of your characters for some reason, I really don't know why. It's really too bad because I would love to use your characters and play KOFA, but considering 90% of my mugen time is spent either in watch mode or arcade mode it makes your characters unusable. I'm hoping this (if it doesn't have AI) and your other characters get AI at some point.
  6. Why is the new content button gone? It made it so easy to search the whole site, I'd click on new content since my last visit and I could see everything from all the sub forums that I haven't read (the unread button doesn't do the same thing and works way worse.) Now it's gone and I have to go into each individual sub forum to see what is new. Plus before I could just click on view content I haven't read yet or view content from the past 24 hrs/week/month/etc. It doesn't seem like I can do that now. I don't know, for me the site is WAY harder to use now, I don't understand why you would take away things like this that make the site easier to navigate and easier to see the most recent content all in one place. Seems like usability has been taken away and I don't understand what was gained by doing that. Maybe I'm missing something I don't know...
  7. I thought that, but I downloaded the Morrigan on the onedrive and unzipped it and all the dates were from 2014 same as the old version I downloaded months ago. I don't see how /why ALL the dates of ALL his chars would be wrong on his onedrive and in the zipped file.
  8. I don't get it am I missing something, all the links on KAZ's webpage take me to a onedrive with old versions of all his characters even though the main page says all his characters have been updated in the last few months. The morrigan on the onedrive is from 2014. Am I missing a link to a different onedrive or something? I don't understand why these japanese creators always have such messy sites with links buried amongst a ton of crap.
  9. password is mugen, when in doubt always try mugen :)
  10. So does that mean the other defs need to be changed to sprite.sff and that should fix the problem? I guess I'll try it and see.
  11. If I try to put any .def into select.def except for akuma.def I get an error that it's missing the sprites for the other akumas. Nowhere in the akuma-mugen11 folder are the specified sff files such as shinsprite.sff, jinsprite.sff, etc. What am I missing here? Also according to your readme it seems there is no way to choose shin Oni using the default Akuma.def file correct? Why not make him selectable as well? Why not make the different language versions selectable also, I mean there are 12 palettes to choose from and 10 variations of Akuma here.
  12. So did anyone find the password to athena? Thanks for the password to Bardock!
  13. I would also like the passwords to these characters I've been looking for a long time.
  14. This Luffy isn't on mugencoder and you have to register on that site to download. Can someone just upload this to mediafire and post a link?