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  1. Shantae FTW!
  2. I was about to go to Mugen Archive to do some browsing to see any new Mugen goodies for a game I'm working on, but when trying to get there, the website suffered a 404! Internet! Why do you hate MUGEN so much!? D:
  3. I have Windows 10, and working on a MUGEN game on my laptop that has said OS, it works fine, I don't see what's so "unfriendly" about it with MUGEN, MUGEN works fine with Windows 10 on my end, and I have little to no problems with the OS itself too, I don't know what kind of anti-Windows bias you're trying to brew, but Windows 10 works fine on MUGEN and is a pretty user friendly OS on my end, not sure what problems you all are having, but I can be of assistance for those who need help!