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  1. Screenshots Mffa Style

    I'll start off. Deadly Hat's!
  2. In this topic Please post all of your character video showcasing there updates as you make them. You should definitely post it in your topic as well, but Posting the videos here will earn you more audience! So I'll Start!
  3. Fidget Spinner by jor8a

    It scary when the real world has reached this far into the mugenverse. Also the tornado makes alot of sense.
  4. ST-Zero by Ahuron [6/18/2017]

    This is odd. I know his normal work. WHats different in this one? Did he actually make a ACCURATE Zero?
  5. select.def

    Select.def is located in the Data folder by default. The Select.def is a file that allows you to add more characters to your M.U.G.E.N engine, as well as stages, and set the flow of your Arcade and Team Arcade modes. First a basic example of a Select.def file. [Characters] Kung Fu Man Ryu Kyo Sol Badguy [ExtraStages] stages/mountain_side_temple.def stages/suzaku_castle.def stages/Iruka_86.def stages/New_York.def [Options] arcade.maxmatches = 6,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 team.maxmatches = 4,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 First lets start from the top; The [Characters] Brakket. The characters brackket is where you input the characters directory for there def file. The characters folder name should match the characters .def filename within the folder. For Instance if have a folder Kung Fu Man but inside has a kfm.def , simple adding Kung Fu Man to your select will NOT work. Chars ->Kung Fu Man --> kfm.def both should have the same name. Chars ->Kung Fu Man --> Kung Fu Man.def Always check to make sure there the same name, and if not simple right click on the .def file and rename it to match the folder. Some characters come with multiple .def files within them, One good example of this is Ryu by POTS. Chars ->Ryu -->Ryu.def -->Normal.def -->Evil.def -->Master.def Now why does ryu have more than 1? Because Ryu in this case has different modes with in him, which can be clearified by the name of the .def file. the DIFFERENCE between all of these files is added Ryu gives you the option to all 4 versions of Ryu. where as putting Normal, evil or master, only gives you that 1 option. IF you want to add a character with more than 1 .def this is how you do it. [Characters] Ryu/ Ryu/ means its going to look into the Ryu folder, IF you have more than 1 Ryu folder its going to look into the first one. [Characters] Ryu/Ryu.def This allows for the 4 version ryu. Now if you just wanted the Evil and the Master version you could put [Characters] Ryu/Evil.def Ryu/Master.def Now you have 2 ryu's on your select screen that will be displayed as the same, but there gameplay would be different (at least as much as each version is) Aside from the Characters inclusion into the game, You also have the option to set a character to a certain stage for instance a boss character would only be fought on his stage instead of someone elses. To do that you need to specify what stage the boss is gonna be on. Here is an example. [Characters] Kung Fu Man, random, order = 1 Suave Dude, stages/Boss_stage.def, order = 3 As you can see I set the stage for Suave Dude to the Boss_stage.def and I gave him a order of 3, which is explained at the bottom under [Options]. Kung Fu Man on the other hand has random assigned to him, which means that Kung Fu Man can be played on a random stage and is not forced to be on 1 stage. Other options that you could use are "music" and "includestage" , Music is used if you want to have a certain song play when that character is being fought during arcade mode. Sorta like if you want Ryu's Theme song to play during a Ryu fight. Here is a example. [Characters] Ryu,stages/suzaku_temple.def, order=1, music = now thats the general code for adding music to a character, NOW to locate the music by default mugen would look at the root (mugen folder itself) I STRONGLY recommend putting all your music in the sound folder. you would use sound/ to locate the sound folder, then the songs filename. sound/mysong.mp3 Mugen Supports various music types, but its recommended you use Midi, MP3, or OGG. Midi and MP3 is more friendly towards Mugen. Now to actually place that in the select file it should look like this [Characters] Ryu, stages/suzaku_castle.def, order=1, music=sound/mysong.mp3 IN MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE THE MUSIC CODE HAS NEVER WORKED, SOME CLAIM IT DOES. I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN IT TO WORK. Now on to the "includestage" code. includestage = booleen booleen means 1 or 0, true or false If you want to give a boss character a stage, and you dont want no one else to play on it, or select it from the versus mode or training mode, includestage is the code for you. it works more or less how it looks, here is an example. [Characters] Kung Fu Man.def, stages/mountain_side_temple.def, order = 1 , includestage = 1 the code above basically says kung fu man will fight ONLY on the mountain_side_temple.def stage, and his stage IS selectable because it is included. Now that you've learned Stage Assignment, Music Assignment, and Inclusion codes I'll explain Order. Order basically sets the character to a rank, the ranks are from 1 ~ 10. 1 being the lowest 10 being the highest. Depending on how you set the [Options] part of the select.def changes how you should use your numbers When I explain the [Options] part i'll explain much more about order =. Here is an example of a very very Simple select.def that works. [Characters] Kung Fu Man Ken Terry Ky And here is an example of a more complicated one. [Characters] Kung Fu Man, Random, Order = 1 Ken, Random, Order = 1 Terry, stages/italy_96.def, Order = 2, includestage = 0 Ky, stages/Holy_Orders.def, Order = 3, music=sound/boss.mp3, includestage = 0 of course you can mix these 2 simple and complicated. [Characters] Kung Fu Man Ken, Random, Order = 1 Terry Ky, stages/Holy_Orders.def, Order = 3, music=sound/boss.mp3, includestage = 0 ######################################################################## Now to add stages are rather simple as they are not as complicated as a character. under the [Extrastages] Brackket, simple put [Extrastages] stages/ to locate the folder, then the stage's name.def [Extrastages] stages/mystage.def As far as I know, ALL stages work unless they are from before the year 2000. (Any Stage made in 1999 used less strings and compression of the sff file, that its unreadable in mugen for some reason, however a program like MCM or Fighter Factory or ZCharCad can still open it, to view) VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! If you are assigning a stage to a character as I showed you above, DO NOT list the stage under [Extrastages] as it will appear as a duplicate in the stage selection during the game. ######################################################################## Now to finally explain Order ='s and these [Options] [Options] arcade.maxmatches = 6,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 team.maxmatches = 4,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 arcade.maxmatches, basically sets the flow of your arcade mode. the way its currently set by default arcade.maxmatches = 6,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 you will have 6 order = 1 matchs 1 order = 2 match 1 order = 3 match 0 order = 4 matchs 0 order = 5 matchs 0 order = 6 matchs 0 order = 7 matchs 0 order = 8 matchs 0 order = 9 matchs 0 order = 10 matchs If you set a character to Order=4, and your maxmatches numbers has 0, in the 4th slot, then you will NOT fight this character in arcade mode. But will still be selectable. The same rules apply to team.maxmatches, Just keep in mind since its 2 on 2, using the same values as arcade may result in a what looks like a longer game. Here is another example of a arcade.maxmatches flow chart, and how the [Characters] select portion is used to accomidate it. [Options] arcade.maxmatches = 2,2,1,1,1,2,1,0,0,0 you will have 2 order = 1 matchs 2 order = 2 match 1 order = 3 match 1 order = 4 matchs 1 order = 5 matchs 2 order = 6 matchs 1 order = 7 matchs 0 order = 8 matchs 0 order = 9 matchs 0 order = 10 matchs and this is how it will look on your [Characters] portion. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE. [Characters] Kung Fu Man, Random, Order = 1 Ryu, Random, Order = 1 Ken, Random, Order = 2 Terry, Random, Order = 2 SF2 Car Bonus , stages/car_bonus.def, Order = 3 Akuma, stages/Goukis_stage.def, Order = 4 Geese, stages/Geeses_stage.def, Order = 5 Rugal, Random, Order = 6 Bison, Random, Order = 6 Sagat, Random, Order = 6 Dragonclaw, stages/Dragonclaws_stage.def , Order = 7 so you would fight 4 regular matches, have 1 bonus stage, fight 4 (out of 5) mid bosses, and 1 final boss. You do not have to put them in order like i have displayed here, it was merely for example sake. Well thats It. If you have any questions PLEASE post it below. IF YOU ARE READING THIS ON ANOTHER SITE OTHER THAN MUGEN FREE FOR ALL. PLEASE VISIT MUGENFREEFORALL.COM
  6. This video tutorial will explain how to code a character who has transformations. The example I used is Goku from Jump Super Stars. This is the download link to "Goku Tutorial" http://www.mediafire.com/?rjowlo3r2c6f4h2 Press Start to transform.
  7. Call me old fashion but.... I kinda like where youtube is going. There are SOOOO many shit users out there, I miss the way the youtube community used to be back in 2006. We actually had a youtube mugen community which were people who werent on a forum, and then you have the forum people who didnt have youtube accounts. Times were great.

    1. rbbt780


      I agree. 

  8. That stage looks amazing! but for some reason I can't help but feel someone took my SF2 Ken stage and updated it to look better. The boat in particular looks like the one I re-colored years ago.
  9. [Preview] [Download] http://www.mediafire.com/file/dqf1m95g8fd5pbo/Tatsuya_Shiba.rar https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuXptN8AdWGVq1RIeiPYXORwao_O [Comment] Unlike most HD characters, Mine are actually coded with Localcoord 1280x720, and will scale accordingly to match your mugen resolution. He is generally the height of KFM. He is UNFINISHED. I put in alot of work on him, even doing things I've never done before. However his sounds and voices were never ripped, Soooo.. he is incomplete. I would like to point out my favorite aspects of this character is his effects. It's mostly 1 effect, Rotated Scaled and Flipped to fit the moves, Similar to what I did with my Akira (also from this game). Thank you for download, I'm awaiting feedback, He may not get updated anytime soon but I definately wanted him to get out there.
  10. Where is the latest FAWN?! This is all I have to look forward to.
  11. The Last Blade (Series)

    CLICK ON THE STAGE TO DOWNLOAD! I downloaded the 2 stage packs from someone but i forget who, It might be ZombieBrock.. but regardless Thank you whoever managed to get all of these great stages.
  12. New Job Openings

    It looks like this job convention is heating up!
  13. Yung Mie

    Yung Mie Is this character https://www.spriters-resource.com/fullview/49641/ made yet? if so how many times? are they good?
  14. The Portraits Thread

    Ryou i'm very impressed with what your doing here. i'm seeing very quality big portraits. I love it. Keep it up.
  15. Goeryun kof edits WIP

    I like what I see, I'd like to help if i can?
  16. [Preview] (Old) [Download] https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuXptN8AdWGVq1pWkQ6WMrfeqWUF http://www.mediafire.com/file/e269toq5ehana5q/Power_Quest_Mugen_Edition_Demo.rar [Comment] Welcome everyone! Today I have something that I'm very proud of. After fiddling with 1 or 2 characters, I decided to convert the entire game of Power Quest for mugen. Power Quest is like no other Gameboy/Gameboy Color game. Its a RPG/Fighting game that simply is unparalleled to anything else the handheld has (with maybe an exception to Street Fighter Alpha) After playing the game, I fell in love with it, I had to mugenize it. So I did. And skip forward about 1 year, and here I am. This is probably one of the hardest things i've worked on. I've done most of the work. Ripping (characters (sheets found on spriters resource) , effects, randomstuff), Recoloring all 6 characters to make them reflect there boxart colors (as well as giving them a new life....LON's colors sucked) Making storyboards for mugen which i've rarely EVER done, screenpacks, brand new sprites to go along with the game, Unlike the norm of having everything high res and fancy graphics I de-resed the graphics, to lower quality 8bit. I'm sorta at a loss of words, but please test this out. Give me feedback, tell me whats broken. Still to come in the complete version. 2 characters Patches AI for all characters Proper Ending / Gameover. Here is a comparison shot.
  17. Project Power Quest So What is this? This is my reimagining of a Game Boy / Color game that I randomly stumbled across. I found the sprites and gameplay so amazing I just had to recreate it in mugen. Whats The Finished Product Gonna Be? 1x Full Game 6x Characters 16x Stages (8 Colored, 8 Monochrome) 1x Intro 1x Storyboard How long have you worked on this? I originally made MAX first, but then I decided to rip all the other sprites since no one had ripped them. So I then made Speed, and Axe. Lon was made by a Ultra Fatality, I will eventually make Gong, and He will make Borot. I'd say overall 1 week since I started the screenpack work. I've giving this my all, Doing alot of things i've never done before.
  18. Excellent. Now.... I... need a away to find out which sound goes with what.... i dont have this game.
  19. I'm gonna make a Sailormoon Character... which one should I make?! Poll it baby! and ... would you believe I HAD NO IDEA, that these sprites existed! I've been a long time fan of Sailormoon since there original dubbing here in the USA (I know its butchered by anime standards, and that the dub was horrible, but I was freaking 6 on a school morning watching Sailormoon, It felt like a 80's sitcom but cartoony!) I've always wanted to make 1 character from the show, I love all of them its hard to pick. so please pick for me! Moon http://spritedatabase.net/file/11976 Mercury http://spritedatabase.net/file/11975 Mars http://spritedatabase.net/file/11974 Jupiter http://spritedatabase.net/file/11973 Venus http://spritedatabase.net/file/11977 and NO I'm not making Sailor V.
  20. its a multiple choice poll so yeah lol Dude it's such a hard choice for me to, cause I liked them all (before the hentai)
  21. Looking for black mugen content creators

    non black brown skinned homie reporting for duty!
  22. Description Thanks to Alexei for figuring out how to use Tunngle with Ikemen. To play Mugen Online You need Tunngle installed, A copy of Ikemen (both users need the same characters otherwise you get blanks in your roster), I recommend Notepad ++ for editing LUA file to modify Ikemen. First Step is to log into Tunngle and search for the network "Game Emulators" Once you are logged in you will be issued a Virtual IP. that is the number you give to OTHERS in the same network/room to play you. Second Step is to load up Ikemen, Go to network and IF you are HOSTING just click OK when the Input Server window pops up do not enter a IP. If you are challening someone you will enter THEIR Virtual IP into the Input Server window, and It will almost instantly go to the select screen. Third Step, Have fun, And Don't spam moves that you can't escape..*cough Ultra Fatality cough* If your interested in Ultra Fatality's teaser that we missed in the video, Check out his Full Game topic on Mugen Free For All to find out more info on it, And Hey you never know He may post another teaser. *************************************************** Download Tungle http://www.tunngle.net Download Ikemen http://sourceforge.jp/users/supersuehiro/pf/ikemen/wiki/FrontPage Download Ikemen (Ryon's Version) http://www.mediafire.com/download/iicbna3twm5xqah/ikemen+%28Ryon+Version%29.zip Download Notepad ++ http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v6.6.8.html Ultra Fatality's Full Game
  23. Helper Spark issue

    Having helper sparks, spawn from a helper striker is a problem within mugen. I hate it myself. the best fix is to have the hitspark summon code within the helper, with the trigger1 = movehit = 1
  24. Project Power Quest

    Good that was the aim LOL
  25. Project Power Quest

    Yeah I was aiming for high res menus low res battles.