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  1. Happy B-day ma'fella! :D :D

  2. Screenshots Mffa Style

  3. Rouga Zanma by R@CE AKIR@ & LANCEL

    Rouga Zanma is a beast! Thanks for another dope character R@CE! 
  4. Screenshots Mffa Style

    A versus portrait to go with the above.
  5. Screenshots Mffa Style

    That should be the final design. I don't want to look to cluttered with all sorts of things.  Did you have something in mind? I am always up for ideas.. 
  6. Screenshots Mffa Style

    Messing around with some Victory Screen concepts
  7. Screenshots Mffa Style

    Versus screen update:
  8. Screenshots Mffa Style

    An intro that I'm working on for my SP
  9. Sodom by R@CE AKIR@

    Another great release.  Thanks for sharing R@ce!