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CF3 - Chompoo Alpha


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Kind of had it and didn't release the alpha of Chompoo. I used to remember that I had fun making them, though they look cool and can play great sometimes, I still kind of miss making my CF3 stuff. While Ronove and Labrys is still in WIP and if I can get my lazy ass to working on stuff, I guess I'll release this alpha when I should of long ago. Planning to make a collection later for CF3 stuff if needed. But here, enjoy.

Not much since its an alpha, just really need opinions(I didn't start this now because this was an early early wip and I didn't bother with it for a LONG time).

On the other hand, reordering fx for Ronove is a pain in the ass, someone needs to help me with organizing the fx for me =l

DL Link:



Posted Image

Note: She specialize in Muay Thai, so her moveset later on should of Muay Thai moves. Just to let you know, probably just keeping it CF3 style for her moves (IF I even start on her lolz).

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