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Dies Irae by Boyboyz released 11/4/12

Phantom Blood

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http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?q8a0a6l908jb7dj file only

http://www.mediafire.../?5gsem6412qcw4 for folder

25/11/2012 huge update since Daemon Bride has been emulated:

1. New Intro, and new intro/super partner added

2. A+B evade (air and ground) voice

3. y move knocks far away on first helper hit (very little downward fall)

4. x move Hits diagup

5. b move has trails behind it. does not knockdown. does little dmg. sets enemy ablaze

6. a move flame pillar hits 2 times only, doesnt hit diagup much.

7. purple pillar instead of red, and lessened red clsn of it


*9. Totally remade super. envshake added. movecamera if stage permits it

*10. Totally remade z move to homing hit.

11. adjusted duration for super

12. Added new anims

13. aligned portrait to the right abit

14. Fixed bugs for wings, flame pillars, super, gethit explods,

15. Changed some gethit sounds

16. Added land on feet sound (provisional)

there are 1 or 2 bugs that I will fix in due time

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