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Evil Kung Fu Man MKII

Super Nicholas

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I'm pretty sure that we're all familiar with Most Mysterious's Evil Kung Fu Man, but I have found an edit to the character.
Evil Kung Fu Man MKII is an edit of Evil Kung Fu Man by The_None (The guy who made the nightmare Giygas).

First off, his sprites look better, which can be seen in his portrait and his Kung Fu Chainsaw move.
Second, he is less cheap. I pit the original and this one against Evil Ken. Evil Ken won the match and was a pretty even match for MKII, but the original practically owned him without losing half of his health.
Another feature is that a crying sound plays when he beats an opponent perfectly, which is pretty funny.
He also has three bars. A dizzy bar, a skill bar, and an ammo bar.
These bars show how close he is to being dizzy, how he can dodge, and how many shots he can take with his arm gun.

In my opinion, this version is better and more balanced than the original and is at least worth a try.



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