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Mugen Free For All Battle V5 (Beta)


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[Download] http://www.mediafire.com/?777lcewjj5pbdyv [Comment] Here is a special Beta of the screenpack for release here only on MFFA. (i suspect that someone out there would repost this link somewhere else, but what can i do to stop them) In anycase, I'm sorta at a loss and can't remember where i left off on the screenpack or whats left. So i'm releasing it as is (BETA) Until i remember what it is and finish it up completely. But as far as I can tell, it has EVERYTHING in it. also, the lifebars need a proper sound.
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yes the vs screen was intentional. you know whats funny about that? This screenpack is very easily editable to add more slots. as each box is based on what you put in the select.def file. and everything is scaleable unlike my previous ones. So i could. with less work.

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nice work bruh, can't wait to get home & give'er a whirl.

wouldja mind pointin' ya boi in tha direct of where i can cop that hella-kool Geese stage &, that awesome mix of Gouki's theme? :awesome

of course it is, i kut it Posted Image

I should've known... :bath:

...btw, I've got something for ya :heeee:http://www.mediafire.com/?mz3b8609p6l9zk1

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V5 Is Found By Beta


What's with this guy obviously everybody ignores his posts like I should be doing with this one but srsly.....




There is enough slots imo


I think you need to tint the color on the menu to tell what you are on better

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