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"Guardians of the Hood" stage edit


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Quote from Dorgol at MFG:

Hi people! bringing back a new stage from guardians of the Hoo.


Posted ImagePosted Image



Información - Information:

Resolution : Low-res

Animated: yes

Super Jump: no

Sound: yes

Mugen Version : Winmugen

Status: Open Source





Sooo... I tested the stage on MUGEN 1.0 and found theses issues...

Really nice! Please more "Guardians of the Hood" stages...


What´s up with this animation? I redownloaded and tested again, it´s the same...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Please add a transparent version Mr.Big/female Michael Jackson look-alike.

Posted Image

You see the blue line caused by Ryu walking? Please fix that...

Posted Image

Creators reply:

Version : Winmugen


So I fixed it myself...

- Fixed animation... tile was set to 1, 1, where it should be tile=1,0

Posted Image

- Added transparent version Mr.Big/female Michael Jackson look-alike. Used blackjack methode...

Posted Image

- raised the floor a tad bit, so that there is no "hole" anymore...

- speeded up animation of hooker and promenader...

Posted Image


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