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Jun Kagami (KOFEX) edited by me


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Here is Jun Kagami from KOF EX edition. For those dont know she fights with Iori & Miu in order to get free Sinobu from Gustab Muchausen's control.

That I've done is essentially an AI patch but I also put a kof2002-UM background for 2 super moves:

Posted Image

I put also a new big portrait & a winquote for those use mugen 1.0.

Video for see his AI in action:

link: http://www.4shared.com/rar/gh8_inc2/jun_kagami__AI.html

Comments are welcome, enjoy ^^

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Thank you!

KoFEX characters could use more love

But I never understood her design: she's supposed to be a flamingo or a stripper? Or a flamingo stripper?

XD no, she's a model & a wrestler xDD

The fact is KOFEX chars are less developped because KOFEX saga is for Gameboy Advance...

Thanks for all your comments ^^

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For a GBA game, it had lots of details, but the new characters (Miu, Reiji, Moe and Jun) were still less detailed compared to the other ones from the home consoles/arcades. And fewer sprites too

I wonder why are these characters haven't been included on the arcades: (Miu, Reiji, Moe and Jun), and the rest of the MI characters.
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