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Akainu From One Piece


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One Thing I Wish You Would Give Him Was A Ko Sound Why No KO Sound?

Hmm I don't get the point, like when he is knocked out/dead?

Ok ok

Cool! added to my pocket chars mugen....

And thanks for the sharing bro.

One question!

You have more chars?

Linik please.

Yeah I have done more.

Same Sanji Link Please!

How do you know that i coded sanji. :O

But sanji isn't good.

Here is the link : http://www.mediafire...fo2a01trap9oace

Oh and here is a little patch for akainu fixing some bugs:


How to apply:

Just extract the rar file in the character folder.

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do a video with my Ace. also i'm working on Zoro (Pre Time Skip) so dont get any ideas about him. Sanji is up next on my list. any i tested him before and he was pretty damn good. but honestly i HATE his hitsparks. there so overused and ugly. try something new?

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im saying do a video ai match between Akainu vs my Portgas D. Ace.

and i'm making Zoro and i want to make Sanji. Its on my to do list.

and i tested Akainu

Oh ok, best of luck on your characters. I will think of the video but are you done with the AI of ace?

Yep Like Like Ryu In Marvel Vs Capcom And Capcom Vs SNK Characters.

Ok I will do that but I am thinking of doing a update some time later.

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