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Thank you for downloading my character.

This character comes along with a very special bonus.

A complete video tutorial on how to create characters for mugen. The video is on youtube.

Part 1 out of 10 can be viewed here.

Shelly Plays nothing like Draglade.

She has a custom system and gameplay mechanics.

X - Slash > Arrow > Arrow > Arrow

Y - Upward Slash > Upward Arrow > Upward Arrow > Upward Arrow

Z - Ice Spike

A - Bullet Set Up

B - Bullet Set Up

C - Bullet Set Up

After you enter Bullet Set Up, Press 1 of the directions to do the following magic spells.

> Fire

^ Earth

< Wind

V Ice (Arrow)

Please visit mugenfreeforall.com for more of my work.

Please subscribe to my mugen channel for future tutorials and WIP videos.

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