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What new characters do you want on Dynasty Warriors 8?


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If there is a dynasty warriors 8 which I hope there is. I hope it will be the last one.

1. It should have blood imo

2. Should go through all the deaths of all the important characters everyone really (by this they should die exactly how they did in history) wont happen though beause In history most if not half of them either lost there heads were shots by arrows or were killed in there sleep like zhang fei ;-;

3.dueling from dynasty warriors 4 should come back where you get challenged by people

4. bring back free mode for the love of god.

5. I think it should have all the important liutenants that can play playable like Yan Liang and Wen Chou others as well

6. Creata a character mode should be in as well

I want Cheng Pu as a new character.

You can add whatever you have in mind for the upcoming 'Dynasty Warriors 8'.

Who is cheng pu? '-'

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IMO all Koei need to do is to add a few more of the older fighting styles into the game (like Gan Ning's twin daggers from DW6), and they need to add in a proper ageing system so when it's later in a time period the characters would look older (because tbh seeing that part on DW7 where Sima Yi dies, he still looks about 30 yrs old).

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Even if not coming out for xbox I still want to see new warriors okay here I go!

Game Emprovements

  • 1 bodyguard or oath officer(The oath sytem on DW7 was helpful!)
  • Ride a Tiger, like Dyanasty Warriors Braodband.
  • UNPCs like Samurai Warriors series.
  • English Dub please! (I dunno whats up with WO3 but I'll let it slide.)
  • Air dash system like strikeforce.
  • No digital download! (I'd like to own the disk in hand!)
  • Change Liu bei back to the Dw5 look he looks too childish on DW6&7.
  • More Jin Kingdom Officers!
  • No guest Stars! (Nobuyasu was a stupid guest star! no just no... everyone stay in their own games please!)
  • (Other - Dong Zhuo Army)Hua Xiong; Give him some popularity for christ sakes he made a good cameo in DW7 shouting at Sun Jian in Wu story! (Xbox 360 version)

  • (WU)Zhou fang; The guy cut his beautiful hair for a mock surrender, I would like to see him as a playable!

  • (Other - Lu Bu Army)Ji ling; The guy fought Guan Yu for 16 paces in Xia Pi forcing Guan yu to retreat!

  • (Other - Lu Bu Army)Chen Gong; he was good strategist, but he wanted to die with Lu Bu's army instead of surving Cao cao's army but what if there is a conquest misson for him like Dw7?

  • (Other)Gongzun Zan; He fought many bandits and tribes, he had Zhao yun in his army, he hid Liu bei from Cao Cao. I wish Yuan shao didn't whipe the floor with him.

  • (Jin) Sima yi's Wife; I would like to see a story on her.

  • (Jin) Sima Shi's Wife; I heard there was removed animations of her in DW7, unknown about the weapon (possibility of being a generic maiden.)

  • (Shu) Liao Hua; Saw the rise of Shu til it fell; I need to see this story happen! he was a yelllow turban!

  • (Other - Yuan Shao Army)Yan Liang & When Chou both were strong officers, they forced many Wei officers to retreat at Guan Du I think it was Xu Huang,Zhang Liao, and Xiahou Dun before Guan Yu killed them!

  • (Other - Lubu Army) Lu Ling Qi; this is Lu bu's blood daughter she should've been added back on 5 or 6 she had good role in Dynasty Tactics.

  • (Other)Yuan Shu; the guy adopted Sun Ce when Sun Jian died I would like to see some sort of story, and he reinforced Lu Bu at Xia Pi.

  • (Other)Zuo Ci; he be a Mystic but those cards were badass even Warriors Orochi 3!
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1. It should have blood imo

I know Warriors Legend Of Troy Had Blood "One Of There Spin Offs Like Samurai Warriors"

6. Creata a character mode should be in as well

Sadly I Wish They Would Too But A Reiwew Back When DW 5XL Came Out They Calimed It Was Too Soon To Add IT! Yeah I Think Thats A Empires Exculsive Thing.

Who is cheng pu? '-'

Let's Just Say Huang Gai Friend/War Buddy! Resuced Him From Drowin At Chibi Also, A Detacated War Veteran In Other Words Huang Gai 2 Lol!

My List Of Warriors


Sun Ce Daungthers(I Personally Want To See The One That Married Lu Xun!)

Lady Wu (Sun Ce,Shang And Quan Mother Add Her Too!)

Han Dang (He Became Favored By Sun Jian For His Fighting Skills And Served The Sun Family For Three Generations Add Him!)

Sun Shao (Another Great Sun Family Member Even Though It Was Adopted He Was A Great General Started Young At The Age Off 16. Assumed Control Danyang. Add Him!)


Zhang Bao (Zhang Fei Son! Add Him Already! God Dammit!)

Zhao Tong(Zhao Yun Son Add Him)

Zhao Guang(Zhao Yun Other Son Add Him)

Jiang Wan(A Crappy Version Of Jiang Wei, Koei Work you Magic!)


Zhang Hu(Zhang Liao Son Add Him!)


Qiao Zhou(Apperantly He Was Jiang Wei Rival, Also Told Liu Shan To Surrender.)

And Others Are Fine With Me!


Zhang Bao(Zhang Jiao's Younger Brother)

Zhang Liang (Zhang Jiao's Older Brother)

Zhang Man Chang (More Yellow Turbans Are Cool With Me!)

Wang Yun (Diao Chan's Daddy, That Will Be Cool)

Hmm And I Think Thats It, Presonally I Wish It Comes To Xbox. Oh Well...

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