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Street Fighter: The Movie


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Another remake, this time from Gui0007, with various new stuff, I hope you like it ūüėČ

Red is Offline, Blue is Edited/Custom, Green is Another Gameplay, Yellow is WIP, Purple is Spriteswap/Collection Purposes Only and * needs an image




Akuma: Jessica Smoke / Xperimentz / jonathan cabrera

Balrog: TripleM

Blade: TripleM
Cammy White: Lord Sinistro
Chun-li: TripleM
E. Honda: TripleM / Simpliband & J.Kidd
Ken Masters: Jessica Smoke
M. Bison: Jessica Smoke (WinM only) - TripleM (1.0) - D, The Red Cloak / OMEGAPSYCHO (MKII)
Ryu: NRF / Veanko / Leonheart / Xperimentz
Sagat: TripleM
Sawada: Tamago / NS
Vega: TripleM

William Guile: Mauteck / Jessica Smoke
Zangief: TripleM


Console exclusive characters


Blanka: Diego Sanches & RyouWin / Xperimentz

Dee Jay: Diego Sanches & RyouWin


Mortal Kombat Project versions


NOTE: These chars are not compatible with normal MUGEN but with MKP games only

Akuma: borg117 / Aice-Man

Balrog: Simpliband & J.Kidd

Blade: J.Kidd

Cammy White: tem(A)

Chun-li: Simpliband & J.Kidd - BA10

Ken Masters: Simpliband

M. Bison: Simpliband & J.Kidd

Ryu: Simpliband & J.Kidd - Rugby Monster

Sagat: Simpliband & J.Kidd

Vega: J.Kidd / Aice Man & ElGranDiego

William Guile: Simpliband & J.Kidd - BA10

Zangief: J.Kidd

Missing/To be made: Blanka, Dee Jay, E. Honda, Sawada


Edited characters


Bison Trooper: D, The Red Cloak - The Magic Toaster

Jean Claude Van Damme: D, The Red Cloak

Masked Warrior II: Dxwho

Bike Myson Sr.: Yensi


Adapted characters


Carlos Blanka: N-Mario

William Guile: Kidthomas


Other MUGEN Stuff

Stages: Dark Saviour / Cenobite53 / Peterpunkass / Ruben / Zinjonovic / Do not even ask (M.Bison - Dee Jay) / Ryoucchi & The Magic Toaster (M. Bison - Chun-li) / Dorgol (Balrog) / ExShadow (Cammy) / MIMCHOU (Sawada) / byLegendZ (Guile - Blanka) / Don Ramon (M. Bison) / ELECTR0 (Vega)

Lifebars: City-Hunter & DrKelexo

Fullgames: BoggyTheWorm (Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter: The Invasion)

Missing/To be made: Screenpacks, Patches, Portraits



Sprites: tem(A)

Music: Video Game Music (Arcade - PSX/Saturn)

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