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Kokodayo~!!! [ver 1.0011]


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Here is Kroos! Hailing from the Arknights mobile gacha game, Kroos is ready to snipe any foes down with her crossbow!
That's all there is to it! Definitely not a joke character with a gigantic side of cheapness!


NOTE: While meant to be AI-only, she IS controllable but don't expect any slither of fairness from her!


Get Kroos here





PS: For your sanity and the well-being of your ears, the anti-annoyance system is turned on by default for odd palettes. For the full experience, you may turn it off in the included config file.


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So I've saw this character around 2 months ago on Spriteclub but it wasn't until now where she is publicly released.

One of my favorite modern Mugen characters for sure but I wonder if she was work in progress when she was added to SC?

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Long story short, she was finished when she debuted in Spriteclub but I grew more unsatisfied with how her final attack turned out so I didn't release her publicly at the time except for certain groups. After fixing up her final attack, I've sent the update to Spriteclub a month ago.

The real reason as to why I didn't release her as soon as she was updated on Spriteclub though was, embarrassingly, my mind slipped and it took me until now to realize that I've completely forgotten to do so.

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