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OMK Kanon Alpha Release 15%


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DL Link:



WIP ~ Progress - 15%

Alpha Release. Done All His Normals, but need to add FX (Slash FX when I reorganize the fx sheet).

Though I did add one FX for his special.

What he can do.

All his normals (close/far range).

-> c (special)

Down C (special)

F,D,F (a,b,c) special

x - Meta Activation (no meta super as of yet only activation).

He has two new things added after this video as I stated. The F,D,F (a,b,c) special and x (Meta Activation). He is using standard ports but I also added his HD ports for my sp as 9000(3/4/5) for now. Enjoy

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looking good so far.

just an issue I found, when you dash cancel and immediattely jump he goes flying.


Thanks, will look into it. Probably a stupid velset problem when you press up and the other direction a bit too much...

you know its terrifying how amazing you are to combo with him so well, i'm impressed beyond belief.

Thanks, I made sure the moves in the cmd correspond well with the combos he has in game. Though I have to fix that velset problem -_-"

*EDIT* - That should fix the jumping problem, I forgot to add a few variables in -_-"

Redownload from the top link and it should fix that error. Thanks ~

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Posting again, added 3 new things to Kanon, here's a new video too of his new stuff including Meta Activation.

He has counter(when he gets hit and you lose 2 powerbars when activated). Same for assault rush. Also I added his grab and when he misses his grab as BC whiff. Enjoy, and I'm going to add his other 2 specials, probably and maybe his supers. I also have to add that weird extra jump he has, I don't know how to re-activate that when in the actual game ._."

O wells, here is the video and go to my first link to get the updated version.

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