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ClayFighter 2: Judgment Clay port for the Sega 32X (CF2 Debug Stage)


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Oh yeah, this is true
Another release outta-nowhere, this time for a stage... and with a story. Originally there were plans to make CF2 for both SNES and Sega 32X, but the latter was cancelled, only leaving the SNES version we all know. But in these years a prototype was found with some functional chars and a "CF2" background, that was in early stages of production.


Well, I just got inspired and I converted it in a stage, ideal for training and with a retro look, like your fighters are inside an old computer or something 🥳 I hope you like it, maybe I could add it if you want this as the "training stage" for the Beta 2 of my fullgame, who knows. And yes, before you ask, there's a version for 1.0 already included on the file, but there's no music, sorry...


Sorry for inconveniences, we are working on it
Stages -> ClayFighter Series

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