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Train to Nowhere Edit - Original by Dj Luke


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640,480 Localcoord (originally 800,600).
Credit to Eternaga, Seantly, and AVPboy6754 for the Train Floor!

This will not work with WinMUGEN, but it will if you remove localcoord and other stuff, and turn on HiRes = 1
but then the stage basically scrolls very slowly.

You can find the original Stage here:

Train to Nowhere, I liked the overall style, but the visuals weren't there.
So with a bunch of thinking, I decided to overhaul the visuals, to make it a proper night stage.
While also cleaning up the unused junk that remained from his previous works.

-Removed most of the Anims in the Def file, unused with no sprites attached
-Changed all Anims to Normal, as nothing was really animated, This allowed the city to scroll much better as a result.
-Changed localcoord to 640,480, this means now you have a proper camera, and the stage is a more.. proper size.
-Removed Zoom features, they weren't working properly for this stage at all, this also means 1.0 is supported as well.
-Fixed delta values for various background pieces, they scrolled too fast for how far away they are meant to be
-Replaced the original floor, with a much more fitting one. (Credit to Eternaga, Seantly, and AVPboy6754 for the Train Floor!)
-Added music, Dreams of an Absolution - Silver The Hedgehog's Theme from Sonic 2006. It actually fits this stage very well now that it's night
-Overhauled all the visuals to make a proper night stage
-Added more city background elements
-fixed tiling error with mountain elements (the closest mountain set, had a cut off.)
-lowered all the mountain background elements, allowing the sky to be more present
-added a bgmstartloop to the music, this means it never fades out then suddenly restarts



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