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Awakend Morrigan by Beterhans (winpose fix by MH Styles)

MH Styles

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it's just a small fix for this winpose to make winpose selector work properly(and added more midnight bliss transformations and more costumes in her winpose), that doesn't take anything from Beterhans and his awesome work that should be on everyone's roster.


[Download Link]


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HI Thank you for bring up this issue. and bring up your own solution.

I noted this one long time ago, but too lazy to dig in.


Checked you solution which changed one win pose state to align with others.


but i found the problem is... there is a code in state 180, to decide win pose by pressing up/down/left/right

which allow both Human and AI to do so.

but for AI, it can press 2 or more direction in the same time so it will result a Number doesn't exist. thats why cause win pose issue.

I disabled AI to use that code.


but human still can press 2 or more direction at sametime but i still too lazy to change it to a new scheme haha. since human can control our hand not to press it.


I'll include the fix into newer release.


for the newlly added midnight bless.

I can't fully understand the code. so I'll not put in yet.



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