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Enemy can no longer be comboed after successful trip attack, how to undo? (Solved)



mugen test


Have been editing Ahuron's Ironfist Ryu a bit to make him a little more comfortable for me to use in personal play and want to tinker with his own Goh-Un as well, but very stumped on how to make it so the enemy can be hit by a cancelled special or super after tripping them with his crouching strong kick. I made his low kicks able to hit foes lying down as well, but they cannot be OTG'd as well after the trip. It does not cause their hitbox to become intangible either, very confused. Goh has this feature as well.


I tried:

-Adding, removing, and changing Juggle Points

-Checking -3 and -2 States for anything related to his strong crouched kick, couldn't find anything

-Checking his animations to see if his tripped animation is intangible, it isn't

-Checking to see if the kick causes a custom animation on hit that causes this effect, it doesn't seem to and they use their normal state

-Replacing his Common1.cns as he came with his own custom one


Very stumped, anyone know what could be causing this?

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