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Touki Denshou Angel Eyes


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This is a remake of the original collection. Any predominantly NSFW characters or edits will not be added.

Red denotes an offline article, Orange denotes a WIP article, and Purple denotes a cheap article.




RAIYA MIKAZUCHI: NHK (mirror) - NS' AI patch / Hachiyuri's AI patch || エス - omake's AI patch || DHQ || Asako || Orochi Herman || Roney [CvTW]

REIKA: Sakuraka - Holn's AI patch || Zero-Sennin [CvS]

HIGHWAY STAR: NHK (mirror) - wakuwaku's AI patch || NHK + Unknown patcher || Zero-Sennin [CvS] || A,c,c (SS-HS) || Tommy-gun (Schizoid-Man)

LINA: Sakuraka: Lina - Holn's AI patch / Lina II - NS' AI patch 



MYSTERIOUS POWER: NHK (mirror) - wakuwaku's AI patch / Hachiyuri's AI patch || Keyu

CHIBIKO: nyo - NS' AI + voice patch

MARIE & KING: Sakuraka

KIRIKO: NHK (mirror) - NS' AI patch || pc tim - Alex's update



 Chibiko's stage by an unknown author || Stages by RenoSV || Raiya's stage by 5667 || Angel's stage by Luiz Chuck_hikaryo


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