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Uryu Ishida


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Name: Uryu Ishida

Version Date: 5/8/2012

M.U.G.E.N Version: 1.0

Author: Alexei Roschak (kenshinx0)

Series: Bleach

Game: Beach: Dark Souls for NDS

Description: Uryu is a bow-wielding master of long ranged attacks. He fires series of light arrows at the enemy

that keep them at bay at constantly taking damage.

Credit: SXVector for helping out with some trignometry failure I was having late at night :P

Ryon and Ultraboard101 for beta testing.


Basic Commands:

Walk - Yes

Run - Yes

Jump - Yes

Crouch - Yes

Hop Backwards - Yes


Uryu's command system is pretty basic. A consists of melee combo starters, B of

mid-level arrow attacks, and C of High-level arrow attacks called 'tracker arrows.'

Pressing Up after an arrow hit or move hit will teleport him up to the enemy super fast to be comboed.

Special Attacks: (Command names were completely made due to lack of something better to call them ;) )

[Name] - [Command] - [Power Requirement]


Notes (If any)

Arrow Barrage - QCF+a - 1000

Description: Uryu fires many arrows that scatter in different directions and change their paths randomly.

Notes: There is an aerial version of this move as well. The difference is that the instead of random paths,

the arrows have linear paths that are aimed downwards at 45 degree angle.

Sky Arrows - QCB+a - 1000

Description: Uryu stands back and points his bow into the air, firing multiple arrows straight into the air.

The arrows fall after some time onto the enemy.

Notes: The arrows can be dodged, but only if you're quick enough. The arrows do not track the enemy, but do fall

at the initial position of the enemy. If they move, the arrows can miss. It'll all makes sense once you see the


Hirenkyaku (Tracking) Arrows - QCF+b - 2000

Description: Uryu fires 3 arrows at the enemy, teleports (using his Hirenkyaku technique) behind the enemy and

fire three more into their back, sending them to the ground.

Notes: This move can miss depending on the initial position of the move. Plan the use of this move wisely.

Slow Time Arrows - QCB+b - 2000

Description: Uryu lunges at the enemy with his hand out in an attempt to grab them. If he's successful, he'll

stop time and use his Hirenkyaku technique to teleport all around the enemy, placing 4 arrows around them. He then, resumes

time and the arrows fly at the enemy with high speed. (Tracking arrows)

Notes: Some of the arrows can miss depedning on where you hit them at the time of the grapple. Use this information to plan out

a good distance to use the move in.

I have no idea if Uryu can stop time or not, so this move was just something I made up.

Ultimate Arrow Beam - QCF+c - 3000

Desciprtion: Uryu goes into his final form, growing a wing of energy from his back, then fires a single arrow that

quickly morphs into a massive beam.

Notes: The beam has a wide range and can also be used in the air.


I made Uryu because I wanted to make something that wasn't a Naruto character; just something to change things up.

Uryu was fun and challenging to make and I hope you all enjoy him.

As always, his AI is by me and quite challenging.

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